Wow, what a game! yeah, great game but I just can’t seem to concentrate today. I bet I know why – you’ve …

Wow, what a game! yeah, great game but I just can’t seem toconcentrate today. I bet I know why – you’ve been trying to
One of them is just finishing her maste… stuff like banking, spending, credit! After about 5 minutes of effort, you’llget your results – where you are on track…and where you might need some help. You can even see how you measure up compared to other Canadians. Then PRESTO – it takes you directly to a list of resources in the Canadian Financial LiteracyDatabase! You can easily sort through hundreds of resourcesand focus on what’s important to you. You make some choices and then it quicklyupdates your results. Do you want to give it a try?
Definitely. Let’s try Resources… Budgeting and Money Management… Parents…. Life Event– Family Finances. Wow, that’s way more resources than I expected. Hey – an online calculator! Hmmm… here’s another one that looks good too! So compare them!
Check the box beside each resource you like and hit the “Compare”button. See? Brilliant! The best part is that I don’tneed to go to a bunch of different websites. It would have taken me forever to find thisinformation on my own. Last week, I even checked something out forMom and Dad about taxes and retirement Such great information, yet it’s so easy to use. Okay – ready for the third period?
Commercial Narrator: If you’re trying tomanage your money for today, or tomorrow, visit the Financial Consumer Agency of Canadaat “It pays to!”