Will the iPhone 5c battery fit in iPhone 5s

Alright, here we have the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. If you take a look here at the battery on the 5s it’s a 3.8 volt and a 5.92 watt hour.Will the iPhone 5c battery fit in iPhone 5s And if you look at the battery on the 5c, it’s still a 3.8 volt, so that’s the same. And then it’s a 5.73 watt hour, so it’s a little bit smaller size of a battery. They both still have the same 3 pin connectors though so they should fit straight across. 22 Ingenious dollar store organization ideas The difference between volts and watt hours is the volts is kind of how strong the batteryis, and the watt hours are more how long the battery will last. It’s a pretty simple swap. I’m connecting the screen right now again.
The iPhone 5c now has the iPhone 5s battery in it and it will last 3.3 percent longerthan it originally would have with its own battery. And everything works great.