Why I Run A Tube In My Sealed Front Rim (And You Should Too) – Harley Davidson Softail

Hey, this is another article by Pet Rock. And today I’m just going to do a little bit of a rant.Why I Run A Tube In My Sealed Front Rim (And You Should Too) - Harley Davidson Softail There are a lot of guys out there on the internet that act as if you are not a real biker orsomething stupid like that if you run a tube in your front tire.
I am not one of those people. So I read online around April 1st that you can fix a cracked cell phone using a windshield repair kit. Na… This rim can actually run tubeless but I’ll probably always run it with a tube and hereis why. Right there. If you look closely there is a big old dent in my rim. See if that will stay in there. There we go.
Yeah, that shouldn’t happen. If I was running tubeless this tire would have deflated. Yeah that would have been a good day. 22 Ingenious dollar store organization ideas But being that it had a tube inside it stayed inflated and I kept on going down the roadand was able to get home. This is actually the second rim that I’ve dented like this. The first one was the stock rim that came with the bike, which is what got me to buythis rim. So if you look closely.
I don’t know if you can see it on the camera or not but you can actually see the beed isseparated from the rim. So there is no seal anymore. So the only thing that is holding this tire out and keeping it inflated is the tube that’sinside. This is also a standard sized rim. It’s not a low profile tire. The width is the same as stock. The diameter is same as stock.
Everything. This happened when I was going about 65 mph, which is actually the speed limit here, onthe highway at around two in the morning on my way home from work. Hit a pot hole so hard that it actually shot me out of the seat a little bit so the onlypart of the bike I was actually in contact were the grips on the handle bar. Needless to say the pucker factor was high. So to all those who say you have to run tubeless or you’re not cool or you’re not a real manor you’re not whatever. They can eat me. Come talk to me after you’ve ridden your bike hard enough where you dented your rim.
If you want to run tubeless, that’s perfectly fine. Just do it based on reality, not on what you read on the internet. And yes, I am aware that this bike comes with a tubeless rear tire. I’m actually fine with that. If the rear tire blows out on a bike you have a very good possibility of being able to keepit up right and getting over to the side of the road or whatever. But if you blow out a front tire, yeah good luck. So long story short, run a tube in your front tire.
Going down is not fun and pot holes tend to jump out a bite you when you least expectit.