Where I Live Martina Arfwidson and David Weiss Hello, we’re in new york’s hudson river valley, and I’m Da…

Where I Live Martina Arfwidson and David WeissHello, we’re in new york’s hudson river valley, and I’m David Weiss, and I’m Martina Arfwidson,welcome to our house. I needed to use the whole site to make a house that had view and that also would bebig enough for my family.
As you walk through this house, DIY Spring Room Decor For Cheap Easy! what was important to me was a sense of discovery, so you start at the entry and the ceilings are low andit’s pretty dark, and you’ve go up to the first level and it’s brighter and higher,and as we continue to the kitchen which is really where we spend most of our time,in there it gets very bright and suddenly your’re exposed to thisterrific view that we have here. Well I’m absolutely obsessed with space, and I’m crazy about light. Parenting. It can be a joy, but it can also be a little bit overwhelming. Especially on … I’d always dreamt about living in a greenhouse and I feel that David hascreated that for me. I work with colors so for me at homeeverything that goes from the white to black is what is really most restful to meand with that obviously comes all my white trim, and all these very muted colors on the floors,so there’s a great sense of space andthe comfortable sitting area, andwith just a few objects that sort of made the room come together. Probably the largest scale items in the house are these Mahogany mirrorsfrom Sweden,and they reflect the view of the hudson riverand they continue the feeling of light that’s so important to this house.
And they just remind you thatperhaps you should be looking the other way. We built the guest barn and it’s a space that’sall new inside but used a lot of the original elements, and we reused a lot of the hand hewn beams inside,and we used huge windows toaccentuate the view and then used plantings to bring that out, to focusthe view on the catskill mountains. It’s really surprising because it’s a very traditional looking barn and youwalk in and it’s all glass,it’s amazing the view there. We have the beds up on the loft,and sort of a reading space on the other loft and there’s this walkway in between, and downstairs there’sa little tiny kitchenette and the living space. So it’s one open space and it’s a bright and rustic and modern together. Overall it’s so inspiring that Pottery barn comes because not only do you look at your home in a different way,but also then get to have the huge treat to seefurniture in your space,which is really such a thrill. Pottery Barn has such a huge range of products, that are both really traditional,really works in anykind of space as well as statement pieces that inspire you, I think that whenwe have them here we just see things in a different way,it’s really inspiring towell, I’d like to change the house a lot, but any time they’re here I’m like, “We need to redo the living room!”For me the homeis really everything.
We spend so much time here. We actually said when we started this house is thatit should bea place like the ultimate vacation spot, but it’s home. Being away is good, but at home is best, and I thinkwe always try to create a space that is really comfortable but also hasenough excitement, so that when we look out the window or when we lookovernance in the corner and see just an incredible plant in bloom,that we have that feelingof “Wow! There’s nowhere we’d rather be than right here.”Pottery Barn