When you don’t live near your vacation rental, managing it can be tricky. HomeAway understands which is w…

When you don’t live near your vacation rental, managing it can be tricky. HomeAway understands which is why we’ve got a network of trusted service and technology partnersto make managing your rental as easy as possible, even when you can’t be right there. There area lot of ways to use smart technology to assist your guests,from granting them access, adjusting temperature and lighting and making sure your home is always secure.
Before your guests arrive, you can turn on your lights remotely using Philips hue lighting. Electrical hazards are concerned for painters… …especially since most painters work in environments t… This ensures that they’ll arrive to a well-lit inviting space. But it’s also great for security allowing you to make it appear like the property is occupied even when it’s not. When your guests arrive, smart lock systems like Schlage and NEXIAhelp your guests access your property with an access code. Or if you’d rather just leave a key,the igloohome electronic lockbox ensures you can do it safely even from far away. And if guests have trouble entering, technologies, like RING doorbell,make it possible to have a video conversation with your guests via your smartphone,no matter where in the world you are.
When decorating the living room, and you’re arranging your furniture you want to make sure that you have … During their stay, smart technologies can serve as a kind of concierge for your guests. You can use technologies like the You’re welcome tablet, to give your guests information about your homes features, highlight attractions in your area and more. And smart speakers like Alexa can serve as a dedicated vacation concierge. Your guests can ask it questions about your home and the surrounding area and be given immediate answers. Not only is the guest experience important, but so is your home safety. Technologies, like Party Squasher and Noiseaware,can make sure you’re notified if loud parties are happening in your property without your knowledge. Smart technologies also give you more control over your home, before guests arrive and after they leave.
With smart thermostats, like Nest,you can set a comfortable temperature for your guests arrival from a far, and then set it back after they leave. Plus, Wemo Switches give you control over appliances and electricity. You can turn switches on and off from your smart phone. Wherever you are, you can ensure your home is energy-efficient and protected.all of these technologies and more are available on our partner services directory.