What sort of tips can I give you for wealth management. Well I’m not a stockbroker, I’m not a financial a…

What sort of tips can I give you for wealth management. Well I’m not a stockbroker, I’mnot a financial advisor, I don’t hold a CFP or a COU or anything like that. But I workwith a lot of people who do. And wealth management is something that’s very important, and youcan grow your estate one of two ways.
Through your effort or through your monies effort. Your effort is how much can you bring in the door at any given week, any given month, anygiven year. And how much of that money do you get to keep after you pay taxes, after Hello everyone, My name Tianlein and today i will show you where you can buy furniture and decorations in… you pay overhead, after you pay your expenses. The second way to make money is to have yourmoney work for you. So how do you have your money invested, what sort of return are you getting on your money. If you got one hundred thousand dollars, you got a million dollarsinvested, and you can get a four percent return on one hundred thousand dollars that’s fourthousand dollars a year. You get an eight percent return, that’s eight thousand dollarsa year, and that’s twice as much money that you’re making.
Because you have it investedwisely. My best recommendation again, that you go to friends, you go to family membersand ask them who is managing their money. If you’re not in a situation you don’t haveany friends any family members that have money to invest, then I would probably go to the 13 Easy DIY Closet Organizers Ideas internet and I would look for a CFP. CFP’s are certified financial planners if they’revery rigorous, course they have to take they have to pass their very difficult test. I would go to a CFP if I didn’t know of anybody else to go to. You can Google I’m sure a CFPand find a good one for you.