“What I want is for everything to be round, without a beginning or end of the figure anywhere, …

“What I want is for everything to be round,without a beginning or end of the figure anywhere,so that it makes one, lifelike harmonious whole”(Vincent Van Gogh)Introducing FIXO. The first Smart Disc is landing home. 21 Decor ideas with Hot Glue gun+ #2 FIXO reinvents the way of controlling,entertaining and making your life easier at home. FIXO is equipped with an HD camera,2 inch stereo speakers and three wide touchscreenbuttons, for easy access to the main commands. Comfortable to hold thanks to the wide frame, FIXO comes with a complete set of dedicatedapplications, a multi-face clock with weather forecastand appointments at a glance, Hi, I’m Tim Gipson, and I’m going to talk to you about how to fix scratches in furniture.
Now, t… a set of Smart Objects for home automation,security, health and wellness that accompanies you in daily activities. Set up the alarm or any other event with one touch. With multicolor Smart Bulbs going off smoothly you willfall asleep and wake up in a gentle mood with a lightand your favourite music increasing softly. The Smart Scale distinguishes users by the lastrecorded measurement, stores data and displays theevolution of weight over the time while the fitness appcounts your exercises and helps you to stay fit. FIXO brings in your kitchen thousands of recipesto follow easily step by step and to browse with a touch. The music player offers your music via streamingorganized by artist and album and gives the visualexperience of the rotating vinyl record that goes straightto the heart of music lovers. With the multicolor Smart Bulbs light up your partiesto the rhythm of music while the integratedHD camera records videos and takes selfies.
You can share your shots or present aninstantaneous slideshow like a photo frame. Safety requires automation. With Key Tags, FIXO knows who is at home,switching the alarm on when the whole family is out;you can set the action related to the button on Key Tag:take picture, play music, switch the lightsor send an SOS. The Room Sensor attached to the door gives full controlof the environment for comfort and security,detecting climate and motion,and sending alerts to your smartphoneand thanks to the camera that’s built into FIXO,you can see the house through the smartphone. The Health Monitor tracks pressure and heart ratewhile FIXO allows you to remotely controlthe state of health of your loved ones. You can also send messages and make video callswith another FIXO or any smartphone. Good quality speakers, 3-axis accelerometer and thecircular shape make it a device very suitable for gaming.
Last but not least, FIXO offers all the knowledgeof Wikipedia and Google Maps at handand keeps you updated at a glance with news,weather forecast and sports scores. FIXO Smart Disc is designed to interact with the homeand to provide information at a glance, while thecircular interface defines an amazing user experience. We design software from the root trying to imaginea scenario where technology is at our serviceand not the opposite. We have deviced a product with personalitythat breaks conventions and combinesreal innovations with a vintage design. We need your help to start productionand bring FIXO to life. Join us and be the first to enter the worldof FIXO at a special price. Only on Indiegogo