: What genre are you writing in? Mary Ruiz: I like horror fiction. I’ve written quite a lo…

: What genre are you writing in? Mary Ruiz: I like horror fiction. I’ve written quite a lot of things. I’ve written some other short stories, and then throughout the 90s I was writing a lotof poems.
And then there was a pause, and recently I’ve gone back to writing and I want to write a novel now. How to Make Your Home Safe and Fun for Baby’s First Steps. Make your home a safe, fun place as your baby … Somebody in this building told me that a student from the University of Washington was doingthis study, and I thought, well, this could be interesting. So he came and explained the study and he showed me those devices. He put them in different parts of my apartment and over a period of a couple of months hecollected a lot of data. George Demiris: The Smart Home Study is a research project where we are examining theuse of monitoring technologies to support aging in place. We’re basically trying to understand if we can use sensor technology to better understandwhat is going on with activities of daily living for older adults in their homes, and This is financial adviser, Patrick Munro, discussing, what is a family of mutual funds?
The term family, … be able to identify certain patterns that would require immediate attention or could predictan adverse event. And knowing this ahead of time may allow us to design the right interventions, whetherthose are behavioral, pharmaceutical or otherwise. In our team we have members from Nursing, but also from biomedical informatics and otherdisciplines coming together. We want to create innovative solutions that are informed by real clinical problemsand are actually also empowering patients, allowing patients to be in control of the monitoring process. Ruiz: I think it’s exciting, because I used to be in some research projects in the past. It sort of fulfills my scientific curiosity a little bit. And I also was interested in a practical application possibly for myself and for other seniors.
This technology in people’s homes could give them a clue as to their activity and their environment. Sometimes just a little bit of improvement in activity level could have big dividendsas far as their health is concerned.