Welcome to Standex-Meder’s Application Alley, where we take a moment to ramp you up on …

Welcome to Standex-Meder’s Application Alley, where we take a moment to ramp youupon how Standex-Meder products are making things easier,faster, and smarter where we live work and play.
It’s why WE MATTER™ every day in small little ways that touch livesand make things work better. Today homeowners are experiencing the benefits Hi I’m Ann and today we are going to talk about balancing your room with different types of furniture and… have complete integrated control of their environmentthrough the breakthroughs a modern smart home automation systems Whether it’s setting the home security control, monitoring and optimizingfor ideal energy consumption,or running consumer appliances remotely,its most likely that Standex-Meder reed switches and magnetic products have beenused along the way to power millions of trouble-free operations. In today’s homes and also commercial properties there’s an increasednecessity for control to improve efficiency productivity those are the three big things that you would definitely want to know so we will cover all those plus a f… and with that control you have different products that measure temperature, waterlevels, security, locks so within those products our parts play a major rolein making them quote-unquote smart. One of the engineered benefits of these components is that they are extremelyefficient and use minimal power. Standex-Meder reed switches and sensors can be used in a wide assortment a smarthome controls. Reed switches work well home automation systems becausetheir unpowered; they draw no power compared to other magnetic sensingelement, so they can be in remote battery powereddoor sensors window sensorsor anything you know where you’re looking for movement or proximityand so they are very cost effective component, their robustfor a home environment and they require fewer connectionsand have longer battery life as a result. I think a lot of oursensors could lend themselves well tobeing married to either a wirelessor a Bluetooth technology whereyou know either by customizing the design or creating a new design based offof asensor whether that’s a liquid level sensor that would safeguardthe washing machine in your house and would send you a text messageif there was a broken hose or overflow issue.
Smartphone technology and internet addressable control panelsmake these conveniences a reality with software controlled mobile devices ofall types. We develop technologies that allowione to have more information in a shorter period of timein a more integrated fashion and our sensors world allowone to do that. I like to think that sensor technologyis just making your life simpler,so you can do more of what you want to do. Today with the help of a smart homeautomation packagecontrol components equipped with Standex-Meder Electronics your peace of mind israised to a whole new level. Standex-Meder works closely with global manufacturers to provide a growingnumber of smart home applications. We’re in the business of staying in tune with technology trends that are changingour futureand we’re helping to drive our customers efforts with better cost-effectivemethods. Whether it’s the flip a switch controlling the temperatureor managing home security WE MATTER™.
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