Welcome ladies and gentlemen. My name is Adam from Panasonic. And I’m here to show you some fantastic new…

Welcome ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Adam from Panasonic. And I’m here to show you some fantastic new products coming from Panasonic. Have you ever wanted to be able to control your appliancesvia Android or Apple device from anywhere in the world? Have you ever wanted to check in to see what is going on at homeand actually be able to hear as speak back to the people at home? What do you get when you put a vest on an alligator? – Yo guys, Jonathan here, … Well, now you can thanks to Panasonic’s brand new Smart Home System. This is using a completely wireless system, and all thanks to this main, central hub you’ll be able to connect devices via at the very easy once push pair system.
And thanks to Panasonic’s ULE deck technology, it’s going to give you 1000ft or 300m range. So you’ll be able to put the devices all the way around the home or even in the shedand in the garden to be able to make sure everything is safe and secure. As mentioned, with this kit many many devices can connect to it,and it actually allows you to connect up to 50 different devices and 4 cameras at the same time. And all this can be controlled via a free app for your Android or Apple device. 27 Cute DIY Home decor crafts And the great thing about this is that you’ll be able to actually uses from anywhere in the worldas long as you have a Wi-Fi or a 4G connection. As mentioned, not only in the kits do you get the hub system,but in some of the kits you’re going to be able to get the internal camera. And that’s going to allow you to have a motion sensorso it will actually detect when things are in front of the camera and start recording.
You’re also going to get a temperature sensor. So if becoming too hot or too cold, you’ll be able to use other devices to trigger off appliances to be able to help out. And the other added benefit to the indoor camera is,it can also double up as your baby monitors as it has a built-in lullaby as well. To complement the indoor camera, we also have an outdoor camera, which is IP55 weather sealed. So you’ll be able to put this in your garden or by the shedor if you have an external garage at the same time and you’ll be able to see what going on. The other great thing is if you have this by your entranceand somebody is delivering a parcel you’ll actually be able to have a notification bar on smartphone or deviceand it will actually allow you then to can communicate back to that delivery personand let them know where you want the parcel left. On top of the cameras, we also have the smart plugs,once again allowing you to control other appliances in your home,water leak censors, window and door sensors, glass break sensors, and also motion and an indoor siren.
And this is just some of the devices that you can connect currently. As mentioned with all of these, they can be controlled via your Android or Apple devicethanks to the Panasonic free app. Now let’s show you just how some of the system works. So we spoke about the devices earlier, and we got the water leak sensor here sets up. And as you can see I’m going to trigger this off andthe water leak sensor will now detect what’s going on and as you can see the hub has now actually activated. You’re going to be notified on your device that there is an issue, and also thanks to thisyou can program it so it can ring your 4 closest Friends and family so they can be notifiedjust in case you’re unable to be able to get to the house. The other added benefit is, Panasonic has just partnered without Allianz.
So if you want to you I’ll be able to have a fully supported service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And this will be rolling out throughout Europe in the near future.