We’ve already broken loose the lug nuts while the tire was on the ground. And now we’ve boosted the car u…

We’ve already broken loose the lug nuts while the tire was on the ground. And nowwe’ve boosted the car up with the jack. We’re going to take the tire off and go
That way nothing will ever fall down and damage the car or damage your face. So here we have the rotor and the caliper. And the brake pads you’re going to be replacing are on the inside of the caliper. And to takeoff the caliper there are two bolts, one right here which is a 17 millimeter, and then oneon the bottom in the exact same place as this one that’s also a 17. So I’m taking thecaliper and I’m supporting it on a jack stand just so we don’t have any weight comingoff of the brake line cables. So with the calipers on this the brake pads themselves, It’s like an Amazon Echo, but with wheels and a personality. A Bosch-owned startup called Mayfield Roboti… they just push out.
So I’m just going to push them from the back and the pad comesloose. And you do that with both sides. Alright so now that we got the brake pads out…whenwe put the new brake pads in it’s going to be thicker than the old brake pads cuz the old brake pads were worn down. This piston right here…this piston right here needsto be compressed in order to make room for the new brake pads. So I’m going to takea c-clamp and do that. Alright so this is the c-clamp, got one end on the rear of thepiston and this part on the inside of the piston. We’re just going to kind of twistthis and compress it little by little all the way around the piston until it gives usenough room to put the brake pads in…And enough room to slide it over the rotor oncethe rotor’s on.
Alright we got the new rotor slipped into place. We got the old caliperwith the new brake pads placed onto the rotor. Try not to touch the surface of the rotoror the surface of the brake pads. Just keep it as clean as possible. And now we’re justputting on the 17 millimeter bolts behind the caliper, on the top and the bottom, andthen tighten those down. And then you’ll be ready to remount the wheel. Anyway, that’show you change the brake pads and rotors on a Honda Civic 1997.