We’re trying to develop so-called “smart windows.” So what we were thinking is a simple so…

We’re trying to develop so-called “smart windows.”So what we were thinking is a simpleWe're trying to develop so-called smart windows.” So what we were thinking is a simple so…” solution is something like the blinds. So you turn down the blinds and block the sunlight. You’re stretching a material, and you’re turning 20 ideas how to makeover Small house on and offthe change of the transparency. The material we’re actually making is very, very simple. It’s a silica nanoparticle arranged into order structures. So we use this as our optical component. So you have this color, but now we introduce a second componentwhich is a silicone.We're trying to develop so-called smart windows.” So what we were thinking is a simple so…” So we’re stretching this composite material.
Helen Aumont Gives Us a Tour of Her Countryside Home . Pottery Barn Silicone as you know is very rubbery. It can stretch many, many different percentages. But silica doesn’t move. So in this case, we actually create air pockets between the silica and the silicone, and all of a sudden you’re starting to displayyour original color change and transparency change. The whole idea is changing the color or changing the transparency. So an obvious use is for the windows, but “window” is a very broad term.
So it could be used for the buildings, could be actually used for displays,for example your computers, your touch sensors. That’s one application. The other thing, we’re actually working with professors in the electrical engineeringand medical schools and whether we can use thisas a sensor, for example for the babies, to detect any kinds of disease. We can do many different types of materials, again coming back to the question:”What does the market need?”What we are doing right now is looking at the material point of view,so it’s a proof of concept. But if you want to take the material to the market,you have to consider a lot of layers. So having people from different backgrounds and bouncing ideas together, I think it’s very helpful and very useful.