We’re going to learn a little bit about Smart Homes in this article. Hi, my name is David with Wh…

>> We’re going to learn a little bit about Smart Homes in this article. Hi, my name is David with Whitestone Builders. Let’s take a look at some of the new key elements of a Smart Home. From a basic standpoint, a Smart Home is a way to control devices within your homeremotely via your iPhone or via computer.
And the major components that make that up are what I would call a brain. I have in front of me a brand new pair of Apple Airpods. I also have the remains of What’s Inside’s Airpo… So you have a brain that controls everything and it runs off of one app on your phone and then you have devices. And that’s the basic components of a Smart Home. So in terms of the brains,the brain basically is gonna communicate with your phone or with your PC. And then you’re gonna hook up your devices. Some of the key devices that you could hook up to a Smart Home systemare security, thermostat, lighting and music.
So in terms of security, this is gonna allow you to arm, 5 Fall Home Decor Diy Projects disarm and receive notification of your alarm, on your phone or for your PC. For your thermostat, it’s gonna allow you to remotely adjust your temperature,turn your system on and off. In terms of lighting, lighting controls lets you set scenes, butthey also let you set timers on scenes, so if you go out of town andyou wanna have it on a schedule, it looks like you’re home but you’re not home,the Smart Home features within lighting will allow you to put it on a schedule. And the last item is music. Music is probably the biggest item for me and my family. The fact that we can listen to whatever music in whatever room we want to. We can basically listen simultaneously sowe can listen to the same music in multiple rooms.
Or we can listen to different music in different rooms. That’s a pretty key feature for our house as well. These are some of the elements that make up Smart Home. If you like this article,you’re gonna love our other videos showcasing some of the new design trends. Click the link to watch more.