We’re expecting to see new security cameras, new kinds of motion sensors, integrated floodlight that…

We’re expecting to see new security cameras, new kindsof motion sensors, integrated floodlight that mightscare a potential burglar off. These DIY systems, they’ll send you alerts right to your phoneto let you know if something’s wrong,whether a door is unlocked, or a smoke detector has gone off.
Hello! In today’s sailing tips video we’re going to show you how we get on and off … For a lot of people, that provides enough peace of mind. They don’t need to pay a monthly fee to keep tabs on your home. They’re a lot easier to install. You don’t have to wire things through the walls. So we’ve actually started testing these home securitycameras and video doorbells, and wefound that for the most part, they do their job. They just don’t live up to all of their claims.
When it comes to resolution, a lot of them Make your own DIY Furniture from Recycled and Industrial Materials. I’m Woody and run Rat and Pallet – a … claim to offer 720, 1080p, full HD picture,and they just don’t live up to that. Last year, Alexa had a huge presence at the show,and Amazon wasn’t even there. This year, we expect to see Alexa again as wellas new products that work with Google’s assistant and evenApple’s Siri thanks to Apple relaxingsome of its requirements. What that really means is consumersare going to have so many options whenit comes to how they want to control their devices. If you have an Amazon Echo, or you have an iPhone,or you have an Android phone, with a lot of these products,it won’t matter because many of themare now supporting all three, so it reallyjust leads to greater choice for consumers. So now that there are three solid options for voice controlin your home, manufacturers are really doubling downon this new technology.
And we’re getting to a place now whereyou could have a connected appliance in just aboutevery room of your house. There are 130 calories in one cup of milk. Not only are these appliances talking to you,they’re talking to each other. There are now ovens on the market that cantalk to your smoke detector. And if your smoke detector detects a fire,it’ll tell your oven to turn off,and that’s pretty powerful. And we’re going to see just sort of thoughtful integrationslike that with other products throughout your home.