We are a team of doers, a team of dreamers, innovators, and disruptors. We are changing the way the world…

We are a team of doers, a team of dreamers, innovators, and disruptors. We are changing the way the world sees accessibility by giving independence to a new realm of creators. Our philosophy at Tecla is to provide access to all. This means we believe that everyone deserves to be included, independent, and empowered.
This is our drive, day in and day out. There are approximately 10 million people in North America, Australia and Japan with 6 Turquoise Home Décor ideas significant upper-extremity mobility impairments that impede the operation of touch-based devices. The total market estimated value is over 5 billion. At the same time, device manufacturers and wireless carriers struggle to comply withaccessibility legislation by providing accessible products and services. This is where we come in. Tecla has created a new hardware device, the tecla-e, that can control multiple Bluetoothdevices, including smartphones, tablets and computers, control switch-adapted equipmentlike call bells, bed controls, wheelchair functions, and door openers, and provide integration 5 Creative Home Decor ideas with smarthome technology.tecla-e also provides caregivers and families with tools to monitor the person receiving care.tecla-e is always connected to the internet and provides location, activity, and temperatureinformation.tecla-e is a cloud-connected assistive device giving people with upper-body mobility impairmentsthe ability to fully access smart-devices and technology. Users can send and receive emails and text messages, browse the web, watch videos, launchand use apps, read books, change the TV channel, turn the heat up, or make phone calls at anytime.
This can all be done using the accessibility switches they are familiar with like buttons,joysticks, sip-and-puff controllers, or their wheelchair driving controls. With over 3000 current Tecla users worldwide, we are looking to expand our ability to increaseindependence on a larger scale. Let’s make the world accessible, together.