We are a design furniture eCommerce company active all over Europe We have more than 1,000 products avail…

We are a design furniture eCommerce company active all over EuropeWe have more than 1,000 products available from our own five brands and partners’. DYH stands for Design Your Home. This is not just a company name, this is our vision. We aim to be a place where people not only buy furniture, 27 Home Decor ideas for 20s but where they get the inspiration to create the unique interior they are dreaming about. This is where VividWorks comes into action. To our clients we offer a 3D Room Planner developed by VividWorkswhich can be downloaded as an app or used directly on a computer.
Using the Augmented Reality tool is easy. Take a photo of the room. Select furniture from the side of the display. Position items in the room photo from the DYH.com online shop. This is Patrick Munro, discussing the benefits of developing a financial plan. A financial plan is an imp… See how furniture fits together, match the style, create an inspiring ambience. We use VividWorks solution for two main reasons: brand building and customer engagement.
For brand building we use the VividWorks solution for its uniqueness. It allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Recently we’ve been surprised to see that more than 10,000 peoplehave downloaded the app -usually by people, who didn’t know about our company before. They play around with the app and they get to know our companyand they get to know our brand. To engage customer with the VividWorks solution is very easybecause the app is fun, and I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve heard myfriends told me “This is like playing The Sims”. Except that here is not a game, it’s your interior and the furniture just much nicer. So we have this competition going on now.
People are designing their dream homeand they submit their picture that we display on our Facebook page. The one who gets the most likes wins a 500€ voucher! So you can imagine how people are motivated. And they are talking about it and engaging! With the 3D Room Planner, we combine the best sides ofboth online and offline shopping and even go one step furtherIf you go to an actual store and can see the product, this is pretty great. Now, if you see this product in your home, it is even betterand this is what we are able to offer. And we still offer the online price for this.
The VividWorks solution is unique, easy and fast,exactly what all eCommerces need right now.