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Trailer Hitch Failurehi guys and welcome back today’s videoTrailer Hitch Failure hi guys and welcome back today's video I'm addressing a safety issue... I’m addressing a safety issue for youguys out there and gals who have hitches onyour cars your trucks vans or it didn’t take long to convince my husband to build with candlelight homes because candlelight is the onl… whatever just want to point this out toyou I had this hitch installed on this92 chevy van back in 1994 never towed a trailer never went to a doc never wasnever in water the most happened was thesnow and icewell this hitch was usedexclusively the carry luggage rack itsbig as this this van is when you have people Here at Panasonic’s Future Tech Lab, taking a look at the smart table of the future. Che… in it wasn’t enough room for the luggageso once a yearthis van is used to go back and forth to Florida with the family and thisluggage rack on the back full of luggageI did get the heavier hitch just incase I decided to get a boat at at somefuture date that never happenednow this hitch was installed by a namecompany big company you in the u.s.
Ididn’t think it was Chinese metal butwhatever the case may be i just want topoint this outyes there’s about 13 years thatthis was on the van but again it neverhit water saltwater freshwater just snow and iceI was driving accross my lawn to bringsome lumber to the other side of theproperty and I heard a thump what could it bei get out of the van and this is what ifound this hitch had two side plates thatwere bolted onto the frame of the vanyou can see how corroded that isnow this sat since 2000 believe was 2007 2007before I believe I said 2008 sat for2007 and the reason I kept this hitchbecause this company said that if I canfind the bill and when I paid for itI don’t know why they couldn’t findtheir copy that they would reimburse meone hundred percent because the oldhitches that are one hundred percentguarantee on it you don’t have to payfor itthis is the condition it was in when itfell off look how this just rotted right throughnow i can only assume that the metalwe’re using up onto the hitches todayisn’t a of a higher quality then what this wasthis rusted a little more while I wassitting not that much more this is thecondition that I found it in when I felloff the vanI don’t even want to thinkwhat could have happened with a luggagerack full of luggage fallen off the backof the van driving at highway speedsI’m just pointing this out so if youdo have a hitch and it’s a couple ofyears old want to get under your vehicleand inspect itand this wasn’t a discounted hitch thati bought online from overseas maybe it camefrom overseas I don’t know