Victorian Home Decorating Ideas Colors

Victorian Home Decorating Ideas Colors So here’s a Victorian house that Sean just finished painting. It was awfully drab before, with really dark trims, and it has this gorgeous, gorgeous little things, these trim pieces on the tops of these columns, that turned out fantastic. Yeah. With the old screen door. We ended up. Oh here’s Sean now. Yeah, we ended up taking those off, in order to actually do the painting.
There’s Sean okay. Yeah. And my lovely wife Colita did the work on that stuff. Oh there she is. Very very happy with the way they turned out. That is nice, yeah. And yeah.
It was quite a nice job. Nice pastel colours. Very very nice. People in the neighbourhood love it. Everybody comments when they walk by. Yeah. Yeah.
But the nice part about it, is all the prep work that’s done. Because these columns look like they’re brand new, and you must have scraped them all down, or sanded them all down. Yeah, we scraped and planed them. They had black paint on them that just magnified the sun. Black. And tore them up, so yeah, they had to be completely scraped down, and primed, and then several coats of a high end Benjamin Moore paint. Benjamin Moore, isn’t that that American paint?
Benjamin Moore is an American base, but it’s a great paint. It’s expensive but in the long run it pays, because you use much less paint. Less paint. Yeah. It covers better? It covers way better. And covers thicker right?
Yeah. It doesn’t drip. it’s just an extraordinary paint to use. Yeah. And this was a nice little. Yeah we had a real nasty old roof on here, and my carpenter came in and did that for us, with that nice. brand new cedar roof on.
With a nice new cedar roof. Yeah, looks good. Yeah. Looks like a professional job. Also if you come around the corner, we’ll show you what we did on the apron around the house. Okay. Oh, we get to look at the back here too.
Yeah uh huh. We were having problems splashing up and rotting out the lower boarding. Yeah. So we put this apron in, the landscape fabric, and the apron, and the stones in. Mm hm. And that’ll keep the dirt from splashing up. Yeah, that’s always a problem isn’t it?
And again I had my carpenter come in, and do this nice work. The stone work here. The stone work yeah. All the work down there, on the window sill. Uh huh. Oh that copper looks nice, yeah. This has all got these gorgeous trims around it, Arts and Crafts trims.
Yeah, these are all. This was an old coal chute, right? Victorian Home Decorating Ideas Colors This is Patrick Munro talking about the best way to invest money. Basically the best way to invest money … 1890s, yeah yeah. Yeah. So that’s almost permanently blocked now. Yeah yeah.
And this is in a gorgeous area of James Bay, in Victoria. We have the same type of scroll work done on the opening. Yeah. Well everything looks really really well prepped. Yeah. That was the key to that. We probably had 300 hours of preparation to this house.
Yeah, yeah.300 man hours. But if you don’t do it, your paint job is gone. Yeah. It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t last, and people can see it so. Yeah. It’s been quite a nice little job.
How did you deal with the flowers here? Like it looks like there was never anything done. Well, we actually staged over them, and covered them, which added a lot of hours to the job, but it. It kept all the plants alive. Look at this. Yeah, it kept them alive. Normally, those would be all trampled by the painters.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And the front door looks fantastic. In the flutes, we’ve got gloss oil, in these flutes. Yeah. Yeah. And that really, at night, and in certain times of the day, really shows up.
Gloss oil on the floor, porch and floor. Yeah. And then low sheen on the trim, and a flat on the body, but it’s a washable flat that’s a really really good product. Washable flat latex paint? Yes. Yeah, it’s all acrylic. Okay, yeah.
Well this looks fantastic Sean. You can be real proud of this place. I’m sure the owner, I’ve talked to the owner, and he’s very happy with it. Yeah. Did a real nice job. That’s beautiful. Oh.
Thanks very much. See, here’s a passerby that’s commenting. And that’s been a continual thing, right? Yeah. Yeah, that’s been throughout the entire job. Yeah, all the passersby. Exactly.
Exactly. Yeah, okay. Are you? Thanks a lot Sean. Okay, we’ll sign off now, until next time. Until next time, yeah. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen.