(upbeat music) – Hey, what’s up, YouTube fam? I wanna talk to you today about late payment…

(upbeat music)- Hey, what’s up, YouTube fam?(upbeat music) - Hey, what's up, YouTube fam? I wanna talk to you today about late payment... I wanna talk to you today about late payments,and what can you do to rectifythose late payments on your credit report?
Well here at at Encato furniture we have what we call hands on service. Most of the time you go to other … So, first and foremost, if you’re payin’ on time now,and you’re good with your creditor,you can ask for some good will. You can call, I’ve had to call before, You’ve called, you nag, you tell them your story. Everybody’s got enough tragedy in their lifeto be very compelling, and I’m not saying to(upbeat music) - Hey, what's up, YouTube fam? I wanna talk to you today about late payment... say anything that’s not true. Don’t be tethered to lawn care mediocrity. Cut the cord with the new Craftsman 24-volt platform,… Tell them the truth.
Like I went through two knee surgeries, a hip surgery, I went through some tough times too,without getting too long-winded about my stuff. You have something in there that went onthat why you have a late payment or two. You talk to them, you tell them that. You write them that letter. Write ’em another letter. Send it in. You can also dispute unverified, inaccurate, obsolete,and outdated late payments with the lettersthat you can get from me at 609creditrepair.com.
You can attack it two prongs. You can send a good will,you can call good will, talk to the creditor,and then you can send the lettersdisputing unverified late payments, 609creditrepair.com. So you’ve got that, also, if you’re paid off,you’ve already paid off a loan,when I paid off my loans, I knewthat I had a couple of late payments, just to be honest. I had some late payments. And I called and asked for some good willand first they said no, and then somebody said yes. Yeah yes somebody said no yes,and so I sent the letters, I called, I sent dispute letters. And sure enough when they no longer had to keepmy feet to the fire, they weren’t gonna make anymore moneyoff of this loan I already paid off, they updated.
And changed to positive. It’s possible. People have had it done. I’ve had it done. So when you are havin’ credit issueswith your late payments,it is possible to get good will,to dispute late payments,to have them updated to positive. Now, with a collection, right, it’s already in collections,you’re already past due,when you pay a collection,it doesn’t really boost your credit score. Doesn’t really boost it.
A lender might look at it and say,”Okay, you paid it, it’s closed, it’s a couple of years old,”it’s not a big deal to us really.”But it’s still gonna effect your credit score. So pay per delete, make sure if you’re gonnaget a settlement, make sure they put it in writing,let’s say that they’re gonna go outand take it off your credit report, or they may not. Or you can dispute unverified collectionson 609creditrepair.com. There’s a lot of options for youin working with people who have late,who have collections, if you still need help,you know where to go, and we can do it for you.