Totally Invisible Wireless Charging DIY project

So at this point everyone has probably seen or heard of wireless charging or Qi charging. Some phones are naturally capable of doing wireless charging like the Galaxy S6 EdgeTotally Invisible Wireless Charging DIY project or Nexus 6. You can see the phone light up as soon as it makes a connection with thepad. Some phones require a special back to allow it to charge wirelessly like the Note4 or the Galaxy S5. Eventually Apple will also catch up to modern technology. Normally 30 Best Large Living Room Design Ideas this charging pad is always visible on your nightstand or desk, but today I’m goingto hide mine permanently. All the parts I use for this project are linked in the videodescription below.
In order to hide it I need to see that the Qi pad is capable of charging through a layer of wood. Taking wooden shims, I can slowly adjust the distance of the phonefrom the charging pad. The phone will kick on with about 3/16ths inches of wood betweenit and the pad, but will charge pretty consistently with 1/8th inch of wood. Now I just need tomake my desk 1/8th inch thick. We want to get as thin as possible without ripping throughthe top of my desk. I added some tape to the top of the desk to help protect from the torqueof the router. So I read online around April 1st that you can fix a cracked cell phone using a windshield repair kit.
Na… I screwed some metal latches into place to hold the charger. I cleanedup the charging pad cable and added a few pennies to the charger so it would be tight up against the top of the desk. You can always make yours look less “Jerry-rigged” ifyou want 🙂 And it works. Now I’ll never have to plug in my phone while I’m working. Itcan just sit right there on the top of my desk and charge wirelessly. If you were wondering,the charging pad does charge through glass as well and doesn’t look half bad with adecent braided cable.