Today we’ll be doing a camera lens replacement on the LG G6. I broke this lens on purpose, specifically f…

Today we’ll be doing a camera lens replacement on the LG G6. I broke this lens on purpose, specifically for this article.
The LG G6 has a pretty big slab of glass for a camera lens, and with that extra surfacearea comes a slightly higher chance of breaking. I’m using Bonafide Hardware camera lenses. I went through several different suppliers and it took a while to find a real glass lens. These guys made the cut. One of the more interesting innovations in the smart home space is the arrival of smart speakers … The lens is held on by a similar adhesive like we saw on the back of the Samsung Galaxycamera lenses; the more heat it has, the softer it gets and the easier it is to remove. I’ll warm it up until it’s just barely too hot to touch. Once it’s extremely warm, I’ll take my razor and try to grab the lip of the glass and leverageit out.
A sharp razor is best for this, or if you have a chuck of glass missing out of yourlens, you can start there too with a pair of tweezers or something. If you’re wondering why my phone is clear, I’ll add a link for that video in the description. Now that I have my tool for the glass, I’ll warm it up one last time and lift the restof the glass off from the phone. My adhesive came up attached to the glass and it’s holding it all relatively together,which is good. It’s extremely important that glass dust does not fall into the camera unit. You can see the normal camera on the right, and the wide angle lens on the left. Glass dust will stop the camera from focusing and stabilizing so be careful.
I’ll turn the camera side down and give it a couple sharp taps on the screen to helpclear out any dust that might have fallen down into the lens. And then I’ll test the camera without the exterior glass in place. Everything appears to be working and the camera can still focus and take pictures – thatprobably deserves a thumbs up if you’re into that kind of thing. The Bonafide Hardware replacement glass for the LG G6 comes with it’s own adhesive onthe back. Like with any glass, I’ll make sure that both sides are clean from dust and fingerprintsbefore pulling off the protective layer. And then I’ll snip off that little nub that remains. Since this is pretty snug, I don’t want that little nub getting in the way.
I’ll set the lens into place, making sure to keep my fingerprints off from the undersideof the glass. That will be impossible to clean once the lens is set down. A few final test pictures to make sure everything is clean and working. If that camera is taking blurry pictures or won’t focus, make sure that the glass youinstalled is clean and clear. If it still won’t focus after that, it’s probably dust that got inside the camera unit. Sometimes that will clear up on it’s own after a few days, or you can try a few soft tapson the screen like we did earlier with the camera side face down. Gravity will help jostle any last dust out from the camera.