Today we have the Brand New Galaxy S7 EDGE on the table. We are going to see how durable this thing i…

Today we have the Brand New Galaxy S7 EDGE on the table. We are goingto see how durable this thing is, and what situations you will have to watch out for
Tempered glass, like on this Galaxy S7 Edgeis a tad bit harder. You can see that a level six makes a mark, but a level seven leaves a deeper groove. This is pretty on par with most major cell phones these days. Exceptfor the Droid Turbo 2, which has a plastic’shatterproof’ screen that scratched at alevel 3… You can watch that video if you are interested. Lucky for us, Samsung continued with the GLASS camera lens. This means that the lens is muchmore scratch resistant.
Unlike the plastic lenses on the Blackberry Priv, And the Sony How often you should replace your furniture. I believe on couches, on sofas, you should replace your furniture ever… Z5 Premium. Give the Galaxy S7 Edge a thumbs up for a glass camera lens. Now the littleheart rate sensor and flash off to the side, are protected with a plastic covering. Definitelynot as important as the camera lens itself… but at least now you know. It was the same way with the Note 5.
If these get scratched up… its not a big deal. The side of the phone is solid aluminum. So it wont chip or discolor like the older Notesor the plastic Galaxy S5. Now the back panel of the phone is glass as well. And the Samsung logo is printed on theunderside of the glass, so you wont have any issues with that rubbing off or chipping outlike on the Lumia 950, or with the older Nexus6. The back glass does scratch a bit easierthan the front glass.
You can see that my razor leaves some marks on the back, but thatsame razor leaves the front unscathed. They do sell clear protective covers or skins,so you can protect the back if you are into that kinda thing. Lets jump into the burn test. This one is always interesting to me. When some phonesare burned with a flame, the pixels turn black and shut off while the flame is in place. Other phones… like this Galaxy S7 Edge, will turn white, and never quite recover.
Look how reflective that screen is. Its definitely fingerprint central. Speaking of heat… itwill be interesting to check out the internal’liquid cooling’ inside this device duringmy tear down video. Ill slice open that heat tube open to see the guts inside. Lets see how the S7 Edge holds up. Bending from the back holds up pretty well.
When I flip it around and press on the screenthough, you can see the back panel lift up just a slightly from the frame. Once thatseal is broken on the back cover it is definitely not water resistant anymore. BUT The phoneitself still does NOT break. No matter how I bend it. It is a solid beast of a device. SO if you’re a heavyset, skinny jean wearing, individual… I would not recommend puttingthis phone in the back pocket of your skinny jeans…
because it could compromise the waterresistant seal. But other than that… This phone is stronger than Donald Trumps hairspray. And thats sayin’ something. It really is one of the strongest, most durable phonesI have tested so far. Zero complaints on my end.