Today we are going to take apart an iPhone I am going to show you how to take off and replace th…

Today we are going to take apart an iPhoneI am going to show you how to take off and replace the screen in 3 minutesToday we are going to take apart an iPhone I am going to show you how to take off and replace th... to start off, you grab your little star screwdriver, and there are two screwsright next to the charging port. So unscrew each of those. It is the same size of screw driver that you would use with your iPhone 4 or 4s. The deck area Once those are out, Grab a little suction cup. The bigger the suction cup the better. And then just pry up on the bottom of the screen.
In hindsight I probably should have used a plastic tool… So keep that in mind. There are ribbon cables up along the top. So be very careful when you are pulling it away. Because if you damage those ribbon cables (Especially on your new screen) You are going to have some problems. There are three little screws that you have to take out right here tounplug the ribbon cables from the phone and I’ll show you those. This little metal plate comes right off as soon as you get the three little screws undone.
Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas Doing the iPhone 5 screen is MUCH easier than doing the iPhone 4 or 4s replace those screens you have to undo about 30 screwsThe little bracket just slid right off… As far as the flex cables go, you can just pop them off with your pry tool They are just like little snaps. Similar to Legos. So there are 2 on top, and 1 underneath. And that releases the screen! Now get rid of your old screen, and put your new screen on. Grab each little flex cable, just like you would a Lego, and press them downand snap them in place.
Once I got them all placed down, I used my finger to give them onelittle more push to make sure they are all connected. Keep in mind that the screws are also different sizesthe two bottom screw the same size but the top screw is a little bit longer.(I am going to speed this up just a bit because the screws were hard to get into place.)There you go! When you put the screen back down, make sure to slide the top in first. Then you can slide your hands down the slide and clip the rest of the screen into place. After you are done and the screen is in place, you can put the bottom two star screws in; Pentalobe screws.