Today we are going to replace the lens on a GoPro Hero 2. This one has a large scratch on the lens that m…

Today we are going to replace the lens on a GoPro Hero 2. This one has a large scratchon the lens that makes it pretty unusable. The replacements lenses are usually less thanToday we are going to replace the lens on a GoPro Hero 2. This one has a large scratch on the lens that m... 10 bucks so its worth fixing. Especially because the Go Pro Hero two is still relevant. So even right now when I try to clean off the lens. There is a white spot over my facethat makes it blurry.
And the only way of getting rid of that scratch on the lens is 20 Beautiful Backyard Patio Design Ideas by replacing it. GoPros hold their value pretty well. So its a good idea to repair them if possible. Take out the SD Card, The back panel, and the battery. And then there are 4 screws. Make sure to keep all your screws organized. They are different sizes.
There is a sticker that is stuck to the metal heat sinc of the motherboard, pull up thatsticker up and the back plastic will pull away from the GoPro. Don’t pull it too farthough. It is still connected by the microphone wires, and the ribbon cable. There are three more screws to remove before we have access to the lens. Two on each ofthese corners. And then one more on the other side as well. Then the front housing will Crafts For Kids To Make By Marissa Volibear pull away.
Be gentle with that LCD when pulling it off. Don’t put stress on anything or itwill break. Now the lens itself is glued into the housing. I am going to use a little heat to help soften the glue… and then some pliers. You can hear the seal break. There are a lot of threadsdown in there, so you’ll be twisting for quite awhile…
but it will finally come out. When the lens is finally off, make sure there is no dust or anything on the image sensorbelow it. This is important. That sensor is very fragile. So if there is any dust on it,like on mine, use a soft cotton Q-tip and let the friz from the tip of the Q-Tip pickup the dust. Don’t use any pressure. Now that the sensor is clean and there is no dust on my replacement lens.
I can screwit into place. (I will link the replacement lenses and tools in the article descriptionbelow.)Make sure you are screwing in correctly and not cross threading the little threadsThe lens was very tight during the screw in process so I doubt it will ever shift on itsown. But if you are worried about it you can always stick some ‘Loctite’ on the threadsto help hold it in place. Just don’t use very much or it might goop down onto the sensor. I am going to go ahead and just line up the battery under the go pro so I can turn iton. I am using the HDMI output on the Hero2 to watch what I am doing on my monitor soI can see when the lens is in focus. Is this the safest most kosher way of doing this?
Probably not… but it works. As I screw and unscrew the lens it will go in and out of focus. So once you find thatperfect sweet spot where everything is in focus, you are set! Reassembling the camera is pretty simple. Make sure to line up the LCD correctly intothat front housing, and not put any pressure on it when you set it in place. Get those3 screws into place.
And then you can set the rear housing on top with its 4 screws. Be careful with those microphone wires, and ribbon cable. Don’t pinch them anywhere. Alright this is what it looks like with the finished lens in place. There is no scratchmark or blur anymore on the lens. And this will work if your lens is cracked or shatteredor anything like that.