Today we are going to do a durability test on the Blackberry PRIV! I do durability tests on ALL the major…

Today we are going to do a durability test on the Blackberry PRIV!
I do durability tests on ALL the major flagship devices. Scratch tests, burn tests, bend tests…Today we are going to do a durability test on the Blackberry PRIV! I do durability tests on ALL the major... Its nice knowing beforehand what you are getting into when you buy a phone. IntroLets start off with the scratch test. The Blackberry Priv is rocking gorilla glass 4. Think about it: do you ever get headaches in the afternoon, wake up in the middle of the night for no rea… Same as the nexus 6p, so it should end up pretty close on Mohs scale of hardness. As anticipated, a level 6 pic leaves a mark, and a very visible scratch can be seen witha level 7.
This means that the screen wont be scuffed up by keys, or coins, but will be scuffed by a razor blade, sand, or other hard objects. You can see my keys did nothingto the screen. I plan on making another article here in the near future where I catch up allmy previously tested phones with this new mohs test. I imagine that most phones willbe around a 5 or a 6, but it will be interesting to see who the outliers are. Lets jump to the back of the Priv. The back has a nice soft rubbery feel to it. When Itake my keys to the back, they leave almost no mark.
Until here… when some sharp edge (light pop music) – The Jesuit mission, I think, really kind of drives our focus on the st… of my key tore at the back, but you can see that normally keys or coins would do absolutelynothing. I think this material has some major longevity to it. It doesn’t peel off whenI try scraping it with my razor either. Now… here is the part of this phone that I am most disappointed in… I am a cameraguy.
I LOVE when my smart phones have a solid camera, and lens… As you can see this lensis VERY easily scratched. I wish we could pretend like it didn’t happen, but… it did… Even car keys scratch it. It is weaker than a level 3 on MOHs scale. Why would you nothave tempered glass on your camera lens?!
Thats like putting plastic rims on your Ferrari! Lets check out the keyboard before we jump into the burn test. It scratches just likeany normal plastic would. But I imagine that the phone will be closed most of the time,so scratching on the keyboard isnt a big issue. I was curious to see if any dirt or grimecould get under the keys… But it is completely sealed by a solid piece of rubber. So youdon’t need to worry about getting junk caught under there.
Lets check out this burn test. The Blackbery Priv does have an AMOLED screen. With a bareflame resting on the screen, the pixels shut off and turn white. Which is interesting,because most phones turn black. The only other phone to go white, was the Nexus 6p, and thosepixels didn’t recover… But This phone, the blackberry Priv, does come fully back to life. You cant tell that the pixels were ever burned.
Give the blackberry a thumbs up for survivingthe heat! I think its an interesting test. Now, I debated a lot about doing a bend test on this phone… doing a bend test on a sliderphone is about as fair as entering Michel Jordan into a 1st grade dunk contest. So instead, let me show you what I can do with just my two fingers, and you guys candecide if it bends or not. Even when the phone is closed… that little lip wants to liftoff from the bottom half.
So I would not trust this phone at all. Keep in mind it is a sliderphone though. So it cant be directly compared to the rest of the flagships.