Today I’m going to show you how to upgrade the RAM, or the memory, on your MacBook Pro. The same…

Today I’m going to show you how to upgrade the RAM, or the memory, on your MacBook Pro. The same process can be applied towards any of the Apple computers though.
There are 4 gigabytes of RAM inside. I’m going to take out those two memory sticks, which are these two, and put in two largermemory sticks. Each of the new sticks will be 4 gigabytes a piece. Personal Finance & Money Management Tips . Loan Consolidation Tips The awesome thing is that this whole project would only take about 5 or 10 minutes. I’m going to link two things down in the article description below. One is Apple’s website so you can know exactly what kind of RAM to buy for your particular computer.
And the second thing is Amazon. Amazon is where I like to buy my computer parts. You’re more than welcome to buy anywhere you want, but check it out, their prices arepretty good. So check down in the article description below for those two things. Remember, you take all responsibility for opening up your computer. Attempt this project at your own risk. So here you can see on the computer itself how much memory I have.
That total is 4 gigabytes and I’m almost using all of it. There are 10 screws along the back side of the computer. And make sure the computer is 100 percent off when you’re doing this, otherwise you’llmess something up. Pop that back off after you get rid of the screws. And then the RAM is sitting right here. Just lift out those two little tabs and the RAM will pop up and you can just wiggle itout of its slot. And then pull the second pair of tabs and pull out the other RAM stick.
Make sure to tap the edge of the computer once before doing this to dissipate any staticelectricity that’s built up on your body before touching the sensitive electronics. Then you can grab one of the RAM sticks and put it down in the slot and press it intoplace. And make sure the RAM only fits in one direction. So make sure that groove next to the gold pins is in the right spot. Push down the second stick and you are set. Screw down the back metal plate using those10 screws. Then you can see right here, now I have 8gigabytes of RAM and I have a whole lot morememory free, which leaves so much more room for activities.