Today I’m going to show you how to replace the rear camera on the IPhone 6S. It’s a pretty simpl…

Today I’m going to show you how to replace the rear camera on the IPhone 6S. It’s apretty simple repair.
The hardest part about this whole thing is going to be getting theToday I’m going to show you how to replace the rear camera on the IPhone 6S. It’s a pretty simpl... screen off and back on safely. So I will show you how to do that. First things first turnoff the phone. I will link all of the tools you’ll need and parts, like the replacementcamera and camera lenses, down in the article description below. There are two pentalobe Hey guys this is Austin and welcome to episode two of the Ultimate Smart Home. Kicking things off we have… screws down at the bottom of the phone.
Remove those. Then lift up on the screen with a suctioncup. You can pry between the frame of the screen and the frame of the phone with a prytool. It can be medal or plastic. Just make sure that when you are prying between both of the frames you’re not actually bending the LCD because you can crack your LCD thatway. Then it will turn into a much more expensive repair. So be careful.
When you lift up thescreen make sure not to go past 90 degrees or else you’ll tear those ribbon cables. There are 4 screws attached to the medal plate. Make sure to keep those organized and putthem back where they belong. You can lift up each of these ribbon cables. Just unsnapthem they are like Legos. Just unsnap them from their connections, and that removes the 20 Elegant Small Living Room Ideas screen. There are two screws right here next to the camera.
There is also that same littleribbon cable connector that the screen had. Remove the metal plate for the camera. Thenthe camera will just pop out of its little slot. Pretty straight forward. Here’s the camera itself. Its 12 Megapixels and can record in 4K. Finally.
Here’s the rear lens forthe camera you can see that it’s a little bit protected with that lip right there. Youcan replace this lens, you can pop it out from the back of the phone. Just push it outthrough this little hole. Or you can take a razor blade and heat up the phone a littlebit, and pull out the lens with the razor blade. As you can see in slow motion here. This is the IPhone 6 that I was pulling that lens out on. The IPhone 6S is a little bitdifferent with the lenses, but I will link those in the article description.
When you putthe camera back in. Make sure where my tweezers are to pull that little ribbon. It’s a littlegrounding ribbon and that’s the screw is going to go through so make sure it’s inthe right spot. Before you put those screws back into place. Then you can just take toribbon cables and push them down on top of their connections as well. You’ll feel themkind of snap down into place. Just like Legos, as I was explaining earlier.
So before I putthat medal plate down I’m just going to make sure that the screen is working. If youhave lines running through your screen, or your screen is white, or doesn’t respondto touch you can just take it off and re-seat your ribbon cables again. There’s been alot of people who have been having problems with that in the past. So if everything worksfine like mine you can just put that medal plate back into place. Line up the top ofthe screen with the edge of the phone. Then snap the sides down into place after that. Make sure to get your two bottom pentalobe screws in and you are good to go.