Today I’m going to show you how to replace the rear camera in your iPhone 6 Plus. If you want to…

Today I’m going to show you how to replace the rear camera in your iPhone 6 Plus. Ifyou want to see any of the other repair videos go ahead and click the links in the front
Make sure you pry up only on the frame of the screen and the frame ofthe phone so you don’t bend the screen at all. You don’t want to break it as you’re attempting this project; screens are pretty fragile so be very careful as you’re liftingit up. Don’t bend it past 90 degrees otherwise you’ll put too much stress on the ribboncables that are underneath this metal bracket. Take out the 5 screws and then remove themetal bracket. Then each of these little ribbon cables, there are 4 of them, you’re goingto unsnap like a little Lego piece. Just put your little pry tool underneath the edge andlift up. Be careful not to bend them or anything.
And that releases the screen. So you can see (Music) Today we are going to test the durability of the iPhone 6S. The latest phone from Apple. … where the ear piece and the home button and everything else is. There are two screws onthe side of the camera, remove those. And lift up the little connector right here justlike the screen had. Remove the top metal bracket and the camera comes loose from the phone itself.
These will also be linked down in the article description below if you everneed to buy them. Usually they’re pretty cheap. Watch out for this little ribbon cableright here. It’s a little grounding cable. Be very careful not to rip it as you’repulling out the camera off the metal bracket. Pop the camera back in place. Secure thatlittle ribbon cable.
Put that bracket back on top and get those two screws back in. Thisvideo is great if your camera ever stops working or if you ever have specks in it or dust init, you can take it out and replace it. You can clean it out. this article is great forall that kind of stuff. Now we’re going to get the screen placed back on. Each ofthese little connections needs to be very secure. So make sure that they’re over thetop of the connection and then press down and you’ll feel it snap into place.
If youput your screen back down and there are lines running through it, that means there is oneof these connections is not placed on as well as it should be. So after they are all ononce, you can turn your phone on to test for lines without actually closing it all theway like I’m doing here. This screen looks perfect. There are no lines or anything init so I’m going to turn back off the phone because you don’t want to be messing withit while it’s on. And then I can screw down this metal plate over the connections. Anyway,now we’re going to line up the top of the screen with the frame of the phone and that’sgoing to slide into place and then I can go down along the edge of the phone and snapthat into place as well. Make sure not to use too much pressure or you can crack yourscreen while you’re doing it so be super super careful.
Once it’s all back into placeyou can turn your phone on and get those bottom two screws into place; the same pentalobescrews that you took out.