Today I’m going to show you how to replace the hard drive in your Mac Book Pro. You have two opt…

Today I’m going to show you how to replace the hard drive in your Mac Book Pro. You have two options: one is you can keep the same type of hard drive that’s in thereToday I’m going to show you how to replace the hard drive in your Mac Book Pro. You have two opt... now and just increase the capacity of it;this is the cheaper option. Or you can upgrade to an SSD or a solid state drive. Welcome to the smart and connected world of Kenmore.
You’re just a few steps away from connecting yo… The SSD’s are a little bit more expensive, but your computer will boot in half the time,the programs will load faster, there are no moving parts so your battery will last longerinside of your laptop, they run cooler, and they can also run quieter. I will link both hard drives down in the article description below. As always, it’s your choice, I’m just here to show you how it’s done. After you pick which drive you want, you have to move all of your stuff over from one driveto the other. This is called cloning the drive. It will keep all of your files, all of your programs, all of your homework, all of your Noise bothers your sleep which ends up affecting so much more It seeds frustration and res… music; everything will still be there when you clone the drive. I personally use a program called Super Duper, but you can also use a program called CarbonCopy Cloner.
Both of them do about the same thing. Just download the program, plug your new hard drive into your computer, and then do theclone. It will probably take, you know, about 45minutes to a couple hours, depending on howmuch stuff you have on your hard drive to transfer over. I’ll link the transferring cable, along with the hard drives down in the article descriptionbelow as well. So let’s get started. Remember that you open your Mac Book Pro at your own risk. There are 10 Phillips head screws located around the back edge of the computer.
So unscrew all of those and remove the back panel. Then you have two screws that are holding in the hard drive. They are connected to this little black bracket, so set that off to the side somewhere safe. Pull up on the little tab and be super careful right here. You want to unplug the hard drive so you don’t damage that little ribbon cable that’s connectingthe plug to the hard drive. You can also see there’s some silver niblets on the side of the hard drive. So unscrew those with a pentalobe screwdriver.
If you don’t have one of those, I will include it in the article description. Transfer over the clear tab to your new hard drive. I’m going with the Solid State Drive on this computer just because of all the benefitsthat it has. Screwing in those little pentalobe screws on the side. And these just kind of hold the hard drive in place after you plug it back in. It’s the same connector as the old hard drive used. I’m going to put the little silver niblets into the black bracket on that end piece andthen just set it down into place, getting that black bracket screwed down again.
And then get those 10 screws back in place.