Today I’m going to show you how to replace the camera on the iPhone 6. If you want to check out …

Today I’m going to show you how to replace the camera on the iPhone 6. If you want to check out any of the other repair videos go ahead and click those links.
Take all of that out and then there are 4ribbon cables that you have to unlatch from Leather Furniture Portland – Key Home Furnishings Leather Furniture – A gallery of some of our most … the phone. They are kind of like little Lego pieces. So just lift them up and away and then that’s the only thing holding the screen on the phone. So once that’s off, your screen is off, and you’re good to go. Now we have two screws holding on the rear camera. The first one is easy to see; you can just unscrew that and lift it out. The second one is hidden underneath black tape, so just kind of put your screw driverthere and just pull it out.
And then you can pull it out with your tweezers after that. The camera bracket comes off and then the camera itself comes out of the little holsterthat it’s in. This is the 8 megapixel iPhone 6 camera. It’s actually pretty awesome. Then here you can see the little hole. So if you get like dust or dirt or anything down in there you can blow it out pretty easily. Then there are these little brackets along the side that kind of pinch the camera intoplace as you push it back in.
The camera can do 720p at 240 frames a second which is pretty phenomenal for a cell phonecamera. Get those two screws back in and then you just want to clip each of these little ribboncables back into place. Make sure not to be too aggressive with them because you can bend pins and then you haveto get a new screen after that which would be pretty annoying. So go ahead and be gentle with those. Clip them in kind of like little Lego pieces. And then take your little metal bracket and those 5 screws; put them back together. And then you can pinch down your screen again.
Make sure to align the top of it first so they’ll slide in these little grooves andit’ll be completely flush along the top. Then you can pinch along the edges all the way down the phone. And then don’t forget those 2 bottom screws, the pentalobe ones.