Today I’m going to show you how to replace the battery in your iPhone 6s Plus. It’s not too comp…

Today I’m going to show you how to replace the battery in your iPhone 6s Plus.
It’snot too complicated and you can save a lot of money by doing the project yourself. YouToday I’m going to show you how to replace the battery in your iPhone 6s Plus. It’s not too comp... are going to need a screwdriver. I will link replacement parts and replacement tools downin the article description below. First thing, remove these two screws on the bottom of theiPhone. These are pentalobe screws. Then you can take your suction cup and metal tool and Alright, today I’m going to show you how to replace the glass pieces on the back of the iPhone 5… lift up gently on the frame of the screen and the frame of the phone, making sure notto put any pressure on the screen at all because if you crack your screen this will turn intoa much more expensive repair.
There is a little bit of adhesive around the edge of the screen. As soon as I can fit my plastic pry tool in, I switch to that to cause less damage to theframe. And then I can lift the screen up from the main body. Be careful not to bend thescreen past 90 degrees or you will damage the ribbon cables. There are two screws holdingdown the metal plate that protects the battery connector. Pop that off with your plasticpry tool. Then we can remove the screen connections.
There are 5 screws holding down that metalplate, and then we lift each of these little ribbon cables off like little Legos. Unsnapping 6 Contemporary Home Décor ideas them one at a time and then lifting the screen off away from the body. Now here’s the battery. They battery is held down with three adhesive strips underneath. You can grab these littlestrips and pull them out. Be careful though, they are really fragile. If you catch any of the little strips on the corner of that taptic vibrator motor it will rip the adhesiveand then break the adhesive making the whole battery much harder to pull out.
I was a lotmore careful with the second one and still managed to damage it. So let’s try thisthird one, being super careful not to touch it against any of the components down by thecharging port. And luckily with this third one I was able to pull it all the way outremoving the entire strip of adhesive from underneath the battery. One out of three’snot too bad, but it definitely makes the repair harder now that I have two adhesive stripsunder there. Here you can see kind of how the adhesive looks. It kind of has a rubberyfeel to it. Anyway, here goes the pry of shame now that I have two adhesive strips underneaththe battery.
I’m using a plastic pry tool. If you manage to puncture your battery, itwill damage your phone so be very very careful and don’t use anything metal underneaththat battery. I pulled out one of the remaining adhesive strips, and then lifted the batteryoff of that last one. You can see how it reacts and holds to the back of the phone. For thisvideo I’m just using normal double sided tape. I will link more professional adhesivestrips down in the article description. You can take your new battery, which I linkedin the article description as well.
Plug it into the bottom. Then I’m going to plugin my screen to test and make sure everything functions. Sometimes the batteries do arrivedead, so plug them in and let them charge up for a while if your phone doesn’t immediatelyturn on. Everything looks good. The screen is functioning. If you have lines or yourscreen is gray after you plug it back in, your connections might be bad. So just unsnapthose ribbon cables and snap them back in and hopefully everything works.
Screw thetwo screws in down by the connector for the battery. Get the 5 screws in for the top plateand all those ribbon cable connections. Then you can line up the top of the screen withthe top edge of the frame. And then you can gently press down on the screen, working yourway from the top to the bottom. Get the bottom two pentalobe screws and everything’s good.