Today I’m going to show you how to replace the battery in the iPhone SE. It looks very similar t…

Today I’m going to show you how to replace the battery in the iPhone SE.
It looks verysimilar to the iPhone 5S but the batteries are not interchangeable. Remember if you areToday I’m going to show you how to replace the battery in the iPhone SE. It looks very similar t... under warranty, or your phone has insurance check those routes first. But if you needto replace it yourself you are in the right spot. There are 2 pentalobe screws down atthe bottom. I will link all the tools and replacement parts and replacement batteries Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas to Try In Your Home This Year down in the article description below. Take your suction cup and your pry tool and lifton the bottom left edge of the screen.
There’s a little groove there that you can slide yourthin metal pry tool in-between the plastic frame of the screen and the metal frame of the phone. There’s a tricky little ribbon cable down here at the bottom as well. Liftup the little metal latch, then unclasp the ribbon like a little Lego. Once that ribbonis unclasped you can lift up the screen 90degrees. Then there are 6 screws you haveto remove. These are normal Philips head screws. Remove the 2 plates and then unclip the batteryfrom the main board.
This will stop all the power from running through the board and make 20 Interior Design idea for Small Apartment the repair safer. There are 3 ribbon cables attached to the screen. Lift those off; justunsnap them like little Legos. And then there is some magical adhesive underneath the battery. Grab the little black pull tab down at the base of the battery and lift up. You’ll see 2 white strands of sticky stuff. As you stretch the sticky stuff it becomes not-stickystuff.
And it will pull the adhesive out from underneath the battery without you havingto use any effort. Now this is great in theory but these are also extremely fragile so bevery very careful as you pull. I’ll show you what happens when they break. If the adhesivedoes not break you’ll be able to pull it out completely from underneath the batteryand the battery will just fall out of the phone, very very easy. If the adhesive doesbreak you’ll need to pry the battery up just a tiny bit. Do not bend or kink or puncturethe battery in any way. That is where the dangerous part of this repair comes in.
Liftit up just barely enough to grab the rest of the adhesive and then pull it out the restof the way and the battery will come loose from the phone. I will link this professionaladhesive down in the article description. At the time of this repair I do not have theadhesive so I’m going to use the regular double sided sticky tape to put the batteryback into place. Remember that all of the replacement parts and tools will be foundin the article description right below this article. Before I clip the battery into the motherboard I’m going to connect the screen. Then Iwill connect the battery and test the screen before I screw everything in place. If yourscreen is gray or has lines running through it there’s a good chance that the screenis not connected correctly to the motherboard and you should re-seat those Lego like connections.
If everything is working perfectly like mine, you can take those metal plates, put themback in place, and get those 6 metal screws pinned down. Now the fingerprint scanner ribboncable does clip into the bottom near the charging port. Then get that metal latch back intoplace. If you’ve lost this, I will link these down in the article description belowas well. They are tiny little guys and it is very difficult to clip them down. Oncethat is done you can take the top of the screen and line it up inside of the frame of thephone and then take your hands and press firmly down along the edge of the screen, be carefulnot to break it, moving your way down towards the charging port. Everything is working.
If you have any questions leave them down in the comments below. Go ahead and checkout my screen replacement video for all the different parts on that, as well as the chargingport replacement if this battery repair did not solve whatever issue you were having.