Today I’m going to show you how to remove the boring old logo from your iPhone 6 and replace it …

Today I’m going to show you how to remove the boring old logo from your iPhone 6 andreplace it with a light up logo similar to an Apple laptop or MacBook. Here’s the partToday I’m going to show you how to remove the boring old logo from your iPhone 6 and replace it ... itself. I will link the part and all of the tools down in the article description, so checkthat out. Most of the instructions are in Chinese so I’ll try to translate as bestas I can and walk you through the process. Remember the iPhone 6 warranties have mostly How to Remove Stains from Upholstered Furniture expired so only attempt this if you have nothing to lose.
You are 100% responsible for whatyou do with your own phone. Here’s the pentalobe screwdriver. There are two screws down atthe bottom. I’m going to unscrew those and then lift up on the screen using a suction cup and a plastic pry tool. Only pry up on the edge of the screen and the edge of thephone. Damaging your screen is a real possibility with this so go as slow as possible and bevery careful. There are two screws down by the charging port.
Take off that metal plateand then unplug the battery. Make sure not to bend the screen past 90 degrees or it willdamage those ribbon cables. Once this plate is off with those 5 screws, you are able tounsnap the four ribbon cables from the motherboard. These are held on just like little Legos. The question is often asked, nowadays, mostly of young people but when do people need financial services…. Make sure you only use a plastic pry tool like the one I am using to remove these fromthe phone. The battery is held in with two adhesive strips and we do need to remove it. So peel up the edge of these little tabs and give them a little pull.
They are pretty fragile. Mine broke once, luckily I was left with enough room to grab it and pull it out the rest ofthe way. If these tabs break on you, you will need to pry out the battery which is fairlydangerous. Make sure you never ever ever ever use any metal object while trying to pry outyour battery. If you end up puncturing it, it will damage your phone and maybe you too. You can see how rubbery the adhesive strips are after they come out of the devise. Pullout that second pull tab.
The iPhone 6 Plus will have 3 pull tabs. Now the battery’sout, we have access to this metal logo. It is stuck down pretty tightly. I managed touse my tweezers and leverage it out of that back hole. Be very careful with the top partof the logo because it’s underneath that wire cable and you need to leave that intactas it is pretty vital to your phone’s function. Remove the logo plate itself and you can seethat now there is nothing between the inside of the phone and the outside. Here’s thelight-up logo.
We’re going to go ahead and put that in place. You’ll feel it kind ofclick in as the logo sticks through the back side of the phone. It does sit completelyflush and it has a plastic feel to it. To keep the battery in place, I am putting downtwo little adhesive strips. It’s double-sided tape. Set the battery down where it linesup right with the little plug that you unplugged it from. Now here’s the important part,there’s a little piece of tape over these solder pads.
You want to scrap off any taperesidue, but be very careful that you don’t actually damage the solder itself. Use a plasticpry tool. You can also clean it off with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol. Don’t usetoo much though, you don’t want to get any liquid down in the screen. Do not use anykind of water or liquid cleaner because that will damage it. I’m going to plug in thescreen before I attach the LCD light-up logo. Make sure that all of these little connectionsare very snug.
If you end up with squares or lines or a black screen, it’s becausethese connections aren’t tight. So unplug them and reconnect them. I’m taking thelittle wire from the logo and tucking it underneath the metal plate and then using the black electricaltape to put over the top of the wire and hold it in place. There are two little foam padsthere as well. And this will help use the pressure from the battery to push the wireand hold it in place while it’s plugged in. The next thing you’re going to takethat metal plate and put those 5 screws back into place along with the 2 screws next tothe battery that hold the battery connector in. And then line up the top of the screenfirst with the edge of the frame of the phone and then snap it down into place using yourfingers all the way down along the side.
And there you go. Anytime you press the powerbutton the logo will light up and it will dim along with the screen as well. So whateveryour screen brightness is, is how bright the logo’s going to be.