Today I’m going to show you how to install the ShatterShield Replacement Lens for the Droid Turb…

Today I’m going to show you how to install the ShatterShield Replacement Lens for theDroid Turbo 2.
This is the outer most layer for this Android phone. What comes in thebox is the actual lens itself, the dry cloth, the removal pick and the wet wipe. To removethe lens, it’s relatively simple. You’re going to take your plastic tool and slideit between the power button and the top of the phone. Get it underneath that top layerand just peel it off away from the device. Make sure not to use anything metal because So we have the new tire back. You can see the tread on this one’s a whole lot better than the other one…. you can scratch the lens underneath the top lens because that is made of plastic as well.
So be careful. You can see the plastic edges here that your new lens is going to sit down inside. And I’m going to take the wet wipe and clean off the outside of the phone, makingsure there’s no residue or anything else like dust specks which are going to be yourworst enemy during this installation. Once everything is cleaned off with the wet wipe, I can switch over to the dry wipe. And the main goal of the dry wipe is to get rid ofall of the dust specks. You only have one shot with the plastic lens. Once it touchesthe phone it cannot be removed or it will lose it’s clearness.
So make sure that thereare no dust specks at all underneath this lens. The lens has two protective coatings How to Teach Kids About Money. Quicken Financial Tips for Families on it. We’re going to remove number one, making sure not to touch the lens itself becauseif you touch it, it will make the clearness go away on the back of the lens. The lens will only stick to one thing, one time. One last check to make sure there’s no dust. Now I’m going to take the lens and line it up with the ear piece first, making surethat the lens is dead center inside of that little slit at the top of the lens.
Once I’vemade sure that it’s dead center, I can press it down with my finger and that will tackit to the top of the phone. And then you can eyeball the bottom two slots or you can takeyour hands and touch the edge of the screen protector and the phone at the same time tomake sure it’s completely parallel with the rest of the device. Once it’s restingon top of the phone you can take your hand and press down in the center and make and“x” or a cross and then you can press out any of the bubbles inside. This is justmaking sure that no bubbles get caught underneath the lens when it’s all pressed down, sowork your way towards the edges.