Today I’m going to be repairing a GoPro Hero 4. The top button and the side button do not work. During a …

Today I’m going to be repairing a GoPro Hero 4.
The top button and the side buttondo not work. During a wreck, the centrifugal force of the GoPro tumbling messed up theToday I’m going to be repairing a GoPro Hero 4. The top button and the side button do not work. During a ... internal components and I’ll show you what they look like here in a second. But withoutthe top button and the side button, you can’t record video and you can’t connect it toa phone to see what you’re recording. So the GoPro is effectively useless and needs Personal Finance & Money Management Tips . Loan Consolidation Tips to be repaired.
So let’s open it up and bring it back to a working order. Going to slide the battery out of the bottom and then the face plate pops off of the fronthousing. There are a few little clasps and adhesive holding it down to the main frame. Lift it up and set it off to the side. And remove the button as well; it’s just sittingon top of the little mechanism. There are four screws holding the internals into theframe. Remove the SD card as well, and then you can slide the internals out of the backhousing.
There are two cables along the left side so be very gentle when you’re pullingit apart. One is for the power, the bottom one, and then the top one is what controlsthe shutter button and the settings button on the side. You can see that the connector How to Create a Monochromatic Color Scheme in a Room that connects the ribbon cable to the motherboard is just ripped completely off the board andthis is what happened when the GoPro was taking a tumble. So let’s swap out this main board. There is one screw on the back, two screws on the front that we’re going to remove. And then we’re going to disconnect the power button and LCD ribbon from the back of themotherboard. Slide that out of the little slot.
Then there are four screws on the backof the sensor and the little Lego-like connection that holds it to the motherboard. Remove thatand then the front lens will just pop off from the motherboard. You can see here thatI have two broken GoPros: the number 3 and the number 7; I’ve labeled them myself. And the top latch is broken from the number3 GoPro so we’re just going to swap themotherboards. Take the motherboard from the number 7 GoPro and put it into the housingfrom GoPro number 3. Going to remove the broken latch from the ribbon cable here, then I canplug the power into the working motherboard and plug the ribbon cable into the workinglatch on the good motherboard that’s not damaged. Lock it into place with the littlelatch and then stick the black tape on top so it doesn’t come loose again.
And thenslide the lens into the motherboard. Now this is good information to have because if youhave two broken GoPros you can Frankenstein them together into one working one. Or youcan buy broken GoPros locally off your local Craig’s List or EBay and splice them togetherand make a little bit of cash. I’m going to take the sensor, put those four screwsinto place, and then use the Lego connection to get it back on the motherboard. There aretwo screws on the front of the housing and one screw on the rear. You can also buy replacementLCDs and lenses; basically everything on this GoPro camera is modular which is very veryconvenient for repair guys like myself. I’m going to plug in the LCD ribbon cable intothe back of the motherboard and latch it down.
Make sure to put that tape into place as wellbecause these GoPros are dropped fairly regularly and you don’t want that to come loose. Onceit’s down to the housing you can take the battery and plug that back into place. Turnthe GoPro on and it looks like the shutter button is reacting. I’m going to put anSD card into the side and double check. And it looks like that solved our problem. Thatbroken connector on the old motherboard was the issue. It was not receiving signal fromthe top and side buttons, but now that we’ve swapped the motherboard from the GoPro number7 into the GoPro number 3 housing, everything is working.
Just for reference, the GoPronumber 7 was not working either. It had problems with the power transfer from the battery tothe motherboard. But that was part of the housing, and now we have a working GoPro soit’s worth it. Make sure that power button is situated in the correct spot so it linesup with the housing. And then latch the front face plate into place. I will link whateverreplacement parts that I can find down in the article description right below this article.