Tiffany brooks: the hgtv smart home 2017 is located in beautiful and sunny scottsdale, ari…

TIFFANY BROOKS:The HGTV Smart Home2017 is located in beautiful and sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. This desert modern home has a backyard that ismeant for year-round enjoyment. I have 90 seconds to give you a tour of everything out here. those are the three big things that you would definitely want to know so we will cover all those plus a f… So let’s get started. This all-weather dining room tablehas an unexpected blast of citrus green,and it’s grounded by this graphic outdoor rug. This outdoor area is covered. And a ceiling fan will keep everybodycool, no matter the weather.
An all-weather mobile cooler makesgrabbing a frosty beverage super convenient, which will come so back at 2012 we got robbed like almost everything that we had was stolen all of our computers were tak… in handy if you’re around the corner, whipping up something tasty on the gas grill. It’s details like this that really make an outdoor spacefeel like an outdoor room. A few steps away are a pair of lounge chairswhere you can soak up the sun. These are set right into a sea of green, which is actuallyartificial turf, a popular choice over grassin this desert terrain. Just above the yard is the Spool. That’s right, a Spool. Or a combination swimming-and-plunge pool.
No matter what you call it, it’s pure bliss. But the tour doesn’t end here. I’ve also included a full-blown living room out here as well. A cozy sofa and a happy green hue and several tablesare great for guests. And people will be fighting over who gets to sit in the fun,comfy, Hanging Egg chair. There’s even an outdoor flat-screen TVand a concrete console table to completeyour outdoor entertainment. And that’s the tour in 90 seconds.
This backyard has everything you could possiblywant to enjoy the outdoors. And if you live in Scottsdale, you’llbe doing that all year round.