Tiffany brooks: located in the scenic southwestern city of scottsdale, arizona, the hgtv smart …

TIFFANY BROOKS: Located in the scenic Southwesterncity of Scottsdale, Arizona, the HGTV SmartHome 2017 is a show stopper.
I’ve got 90 seconds to give you a tourof all of these amazing spaces. So let’s get going. How to Decorate a Master Bedroom The first thing you see when you walk in is this amazing two-story great room. This dramatic room has a huge living areathat’s anchored by this custom incredible and texturalfireplace that I designed. Just beyond the main seating area is a completely separatetricked-out bar with a state-of-the-art winefridge and seating for three. The great room opens up to do-everything kitchen. 20 Loft Style Bedroom Decor Ideas In here there is no shortage of style or amenities.
The floors are covered in geometric tile. The walls are dressed in blingy copper. And there is a suite of appliances that makecooking and prepping a snap. Around the corner is the bold dining room. Graphic grid-pattern walls and oversized art are balancedwith the hammered copper table. Just around the corner, you’ll find the master suite. The master bedroom is wrapped in warm, cozy colorsand tons of patterned textiles.
Attached to the bedroom is a spa-like masterbathroom that is filled to the brim with style and amenities. Back down the hallway, you’ll finda pretty pastel powder room on your way to the guest suites. The light-filled terrace bedroom features a soft color schemeand its own on-suite bath. The guest bedroom has several nods to the Southwest,with a warm gray-and-orange color palette. And this bedroom also has its own full bathroom. And that’s the tour in 90 seconds. This Southwestern-inspired home is my take on warm,cozy, and modern-day living.