This great room is massive. It’s all decked out with pieces to accommodate large groups, …

This great room is massive. It’s all decked out with pieces to accommodatelarge groups, small groups, impromptu groups,and anything in between.
The first thing this dramatic two-story-high room neededwas to be divided into zones. So Ducati says that you can change the oil every 7,000 miles. Depending on how hard you ride, I … There’s a living room zone, a separate seating area, and the bar. The main living space is groundedby two massive sofas that are screaming, come nap on me. This area is also designed with a lot of symmetry in mind.This great room is massive. It's all decked out with pieces to accommodate large groups, ... Two sofas, two coffee tables, two end tables, and evena twin pair of console tables. This zone flanks a fireplace that stretches There’s an amazing, powerful device that let’s you control your entire home right from the palm of your h… all the way to the ceiling.
There are two really cool features about this fireplace that I love. The first one is that I custom designed the facade. Now, the second one? It is hiding a television. Now, tell me how dope is that? The contrasting black fireplace box makesfor a dramatic focal point. Overhead, I designed a chandelierthat’s kind of acting like a fraternal twinto the fireplace.
It also pulls your eyes downward,which helps make this huge room feel more intimate. The second zone is all about entertaining. The bar is completely self-sufficient with seating,lighting, storage. And the best thing of all, a state-of-the-art wine station,that pours the perfect size glassof wine at the perfect temperature withjust the touch of a button. This great room has enough space for a secondary seating area. There are wingback chairs, versatile stools, and storagefor books, making this area almost a self-contained librarywithin the great room. From the stunning architecture, to the multiple usesof the spaces, this great room has everything youneed for absolutely everyone.