Think about it: do you ever get headaches in the afternoon, wake up in the middle of the night for no rea…

Think about it: do you ever get headaches in the afternoon,wake up in the middle of the night for no reason or keep getting colds during winter? We all do!
But a lot of these problems can be avoided with a healthier indoor environment. That’s why we designed smart sensors that put you in charge of your home without invadingyour privacy with cameras or complex electrical installations. Having a healthier home should be as easy as this. A sure sign summer is on the way Saturday at Qualcomm Stadium. It’s the 18th annual Lawn M… Meet Koto, the best looking smart sensors that make your home healthier by making youaware of all the little things in your environment that have a big impact on how you feel. With Koto Blink, you can keep track of temperature, humidity, light and noise. Even when you have no power or are offline.
Koto Air keeps track of all the basics and it also lets you know when the air gets unhealthy,so you can avoid sore throats this winter.Think about it: do you ever get headaches in the afternoon, wake up in the middle of the night for no rea... This is what makes Koto Air perfect for bedrooms and nurseries. And when you really want to be in control, Koto Storm measures everything and even lets Amitha’s Landscaping, decorating ideas using Boxwoods to create a classic style inside out! you see when a storm is approaching, so you can avoid getting caught in a stormon your run and keep your home safer during storm season. Koto Storm is the ultimate notification center for your home or office. Its hidden display doesn’t disturb you when you don’t need it and it syncs all your Koto sensors intothe cloud, so you can see if you forgot to turn off the lightswhen you’re away from home. Of course monitoring your indoors is just the first step. This is why the Koto app offers easy-to-follow advice for different types of rooms and caneven help you sleep better. Koto sensors can also talk to your thermostat, connected lights and other connected devicesin your smart home and we already have an API for developers.
But you don’t have to be a techie to use Koto. We’ve made it super easy to get quick feedback right on the devices and we designedall Koto sensors to look great in any room, without getting in the way. Koto is the evolution of CubeSensors. We’re an experienced team that has been researchingindoor health for over three years now. We have already shipped our award-winning indoor monitoring Cubes to thousands of usersin over 50 countries worldwide. With Koto, we’re building upon everything we’ve learned and we are taking indoormonitoring even further. We have everything we need to starting producing your Koto sensors, right here in Europe.
But we still need your help. We are here on Indiegogo to get your feedback and give you the opportunity to be the firstto adopt Koto sensors into your homes and offices. With your support, we’ll be ableto start the production and ship the first Kotos faster. If you want to be the first to discover a healthier home with Koto, please check outour story for more details and find your perfect Koto sensor for your home. And if you know of somebody else who also needs a healthier home,please send them the link to this project. Thank you.