These day there are plenty of personal finance apps on the market that will help you track your spending and stay o…

These day there are plenty of personal finance apps on the market that will help you track your spending and stay on budgetBut what if they could do more than that? Well, in this article, i’m gonna be reviewing an app called Clarity Money, including the five unique features that will help you manage your financesHey everyone! This is Kyle from Money@30 and, as I just mentioned, today I’m going to be reviewing an app called Clarity,which has no relation to the Jimmy Eat World album or the Zedd songMore specifically, I want to talk about a few great features that really make Clarity Money stand apart from the crowd in my eyes "Furniture" . State Farm® In fact, let’s just dive right into those now.
The first thing that differentiates Clarity Money from other personal finance apps is its feed design I’d actually compare this to the “Today” screen on your iPhone, which utilizes a bunch of widgetsto give you at a glance informationWhile Clarity does have a couple of other tabs, the main feed is the real star here and offers that same widget feel For example, here you’ll see some sharp looking charts and graphics, a tie into your Acorns account — if you use that app — and several other helpful toolsNow i will say that one disappointing aspect of this feed featureis that it doesn’t seem like you have the ability to rearrange the widgets to your liking. But hey,maybe that’s something they can update in the future. So while I sometimes need to scroll through things I don’t really care about How To Buy A Chandelier to get to those things that I do, I will say that Clarity’s sleek design makes that a pleasant experience regardlessSpeaking of great design, the second unique aspect that might seem like a minor thing but actually makes a pretty big impact in my opinion is the inclusion of company logosLike I said, this is a small touch, but for me, it actually makes It easier to see where my money is going as Iview my spending. And on that same note, one of my favorite widgets on Clarity totals up how much you’ve spent at various retailersIncluding the ungodly amount I’ve spent at Starbucks. In my defense that number also includes Teavana and, with news of their closing, we just stocked upBut anyway, my third top feature is the ability to cancel subscriptions right from the app. Well, actually, in the interest of Clarity*crickets*There are only some services you can cancel through the app includingSpotify and Netflix, while others like Geico will instead give you a phone number to callAnd I should mention that I haven’t personally tried this feature just yet becauseI’m actually pretty satisfied with my services at the moment. However, one feature that I have taken advantage of places number four on mylist and that is the ability to transfer money between your accounts.
So funny story my main bank is Wells Fargo and my wife’s is PNCand neither of those are in the city where we live. This means that we end up doing everything digitally and that sometimes meanstransferring money between our accounts. Now, while we could probably do this on one of our bank’s sites or send money to each other viaSquare Cash or Venmo,it really is nice having it built into another personal finance app. That’s why I think of Clarity Money more as a finance hubthan a budgeting app, but we’ll get to that in a minute. So finally the fifth unique feature of Clarity is the ability to set moneyaside and start saving for various goalsFirst, you can select the amount of money you want to set aside and choose either weekly or monthly,selecting a day of the week or a date of the month, and you can also earmark what you want the money to go towardsSo, as you can see, here I’ve just arranged to save $5 every Wednesday for an upcoming trip and it’s gonna come out of my checking accountAgain, in this aspect, there are plenty of other services you can use to achieve pretty much the same effect, but I really do likehow Clarity Money presents it and makes it easy to save. So overall I really enjoy using Clarity Money and I definitely see it asa tool to manage all my finances in one place. However, if you’re really concerned about your budget and want the ability to create customspending categories or set up more alerts, this might not be the app for you.
For those types of features, you might wantto look towards Mint or some of the other personal finance apps I’ll be reviewing down the road.