These are the tools I’d recommend you having for building a Spout bot. First and foremost,…

These are the tools I’d recommendyou having for building a Spout bot. First and foremost, the safety glasses. Make sure you always have safety glasses onand that you wear them throughout the build process. They’ll protect your eyes from things (Music) Today we are going to test the durability of the iPhone 6S. The latest phone from Apple. … that could go flying or anything that might pop up. You want to have a soldering iron.
And you want to have a soldering iron holder. Make sure whenever you’re not using the soldering iron,it’s in the holder. And always remember to unplug the soldering iron. It’s going to allow you to melt the solderand make connections, electrical connections. This is our wire strippers. Hi I’m Larin Parker for Expert Village. We’re talking about cleaning out some of the dust and dirty that … It’s going to allow you to strip a little bit of insulation off wires so you can take the wire like thisand just clean off the insulation there.
And that’ll let you make a nice electrical connection. Make sure your wire strippers willstrip wires that are 22 gauge. Then we’ve got our needle nose pliers here. The needle nose pliers will allow us to bend the wireand make a hook with it like that. So we can connect it to different things. We’ve also got nipper pliers here. With the nipper pliers, we can trim off the wire.
And then with the duckbill pliers here, we can bend itand we can also crimp it. So those are different ways we can use the pliers. And then this is a Phillips head screwdriver. We can use that for poking a hole in our bottle caps. And of course, we’ve got our hot glue gun. That’s going to allow us to melt the hot glueand connect different parts.