There are 4.8 million children in the UK aged 0-5. Many parents choose to look after their …

There are 4.8 million children in the UK aged0-5. Many parents choose to look after theirchildren at home when they are very young. While others use childcare so they can goout to work.
This can be a financial challenge for those who need to pay for their childcareeven when there are two parents earning. This sometimes raises the question whetherit’s actually financially worthwhile both parents working. Almost half of UK parents Hello and welcome to our channel, ‘All About Home Electronics’ In this article, we’re going to show you t… with children aged 0-5 use childcare to enable them to go out to work. And 84% of these parentssay they’d pay for at least some of the childcare. 1 in 4 families who pay for childcare for 0-5’s say one parent effectively brings home less than £100 a month. After childcare and work costs are paid.1-10 families say one person effectively brings home nothing after work or childcare costsare paid. 4% of working mums say they actually pay out more than they bring in.
The mostpopular form of childcare for these parents is paid-for nurseries or out of school clubs. Although the second most popular form of childcare is provided by grandparents or family members. So it is perhaps no surprise that 1 in 5 mums of 0-5’s say they thought about giving upwork because childcare is so expensive. And a quarter said they couldn’t afford to work 5 Tuscan Home Décor with Old European Beauty if grandparents or family members didn’t help with childcare. Work and family lifecan be quite a juggling act both emotionally and financially. At Aviva we understand these challenges and we’re here to help protect family life, however hectic it might be.