The Nokia 3310 and its legendary Snake game are back! It’s 2017 and one of Nokia’s newest phones is a bla…

The Nokia 3310 and its legendary Snake game are back! It’s 2017 and one of Nokia’s newest phones is a blast from the past.The Nokia 3310 and its legendary Snake game are back! It’s 2017 and one of Nokia’s newest phones is a bla... It’s time to open it up and review it from the inside and see what makes it so durable. Let’s get started. It’s quite refreshing to pop off the back of the phone and see a removable battery and How You Can Make Your Own Version Of A Fluffy Rugs some exposed screws.
After taking apart so many water-resistant glued shut phones lately, this is a welcome sight. The exterior back panel is very securely clasped around the plastic frame, and then there aresix T5 screws holding the mid-frame to the front panel. After those screws are out there’s another series of six clasps holding the mid-framein place. All of these little secure contact points help keep the phone structurally solid. On the back of that white mid-frame we have the flash with its two golden contact points How to Responsibly Finance Your College Education. One of the smartest things you can do — besides getti… for the motherboard, and the loudspeaker for those luscious Snake game sounds we were justlistening to earlier. The motherboard is pretty simple all by itself.
The micro USB charging port is soldered onto the frame at the top. I’ll unsnap this screen ribbon cable like a little Lego, and then the whole motherboardis free from the frame. The two megapixel camera is next. This cute little guy has another Lego-like connector and it’s also clamped in placeby a little metal bracket, but it’s still totally replaceable. It does not have OIS, but at this price point I don’t think any of us expected it to. I’m just happy that the 3310 has a camera. Now that the camera is all clipped back into place, the headphone jack is down there atthe bottom, soldered on…along with the battery contact points.
Flipping the board around shows us the brains of the keypad with its own little ribbon connector. These also have the backlit LEDs that light up the front buttons. The phone is pretty modular. SIM and SD card trays are not removable though. Above them we find the notification vibrator for the Nokia 3310. It’s rather small compared with the older version of the phone. The older Nokia 3310 had a vibrator at least3 times this size.
These little spinning bits are called an eccentric rotating mass vibrator. And while bigger rotating masses will cause a stronger vibration, the smaller vibratorwill still get the job done. I’ll talk more about vibrators in a different video since there are quite a few differentkinds out there. The keypad falls away from the front of the phone easy enough; definitely no water-resistanceanywhere. But the screen itself is very heavily glued in place on that front panel…surprise, surprise. It can’t be removed without a hot plate or a high temperature heat gun – which ispretty standard in how most durable phones are constructed these days. Adhesive on the screen is a pretty important and essential part of the construction process.
I’ll set the motherboard back into place and clip that mid-frame back on to secureit. And finally get the six T5 screws back in place. The older Nokia 3310 used a T6 bit, so Nokia did drop down a screw size. So while the whole phone is entirely made of plastic, it’s small form factor, thicklayers all sandwiched, screwed and clasped together, make for quite a solid little brick. I would not be surprised to see this phone last until the next remake of the phone inanother 17 years from now. Do you wish more phones had removable batteries or do you prefer the water-resistant trendthat we have going on right now?