>> The Honda House here is a really great opportunity to really show the state what can be done in z…

>> The Honda House here is a really great opportunity to
And so, what we looked at was how do wedo, how do we support zero net energy through energy-efficient lighting. 5 Bohemian Home Décor ideas But actually how do we make the quality of the space even better? So, we’re looking at deep issues like color, color quality. Tripping and falling hazards safety. And so, the idea of integrating all this togetherinto a package was a really unique opportunity for us.>> I think that at the end of the day, we’llhave reduced the heating and cooling loads by at least 50%. And then the systems that we’re using to deliver the heating and cooling probablyuse half as much energy to, todeliver those loads as a conventional system would. I think that the Honda Smart Homerepresents the, the house of the near future.
Most of the technologies that we’ve deployedhere are, are market available, they’re, they’re offthe shelf but they’re, they’re new and we’vedeployed them in, in a very innovative way. So, a lot of the strategies here, I think will start to find their wayinto the marketplace over the next five to ten years, in a much broader scale.>> Good morning, everyone. On behalf of Chancellor Katehi, who’s away from thecampus today, I want to welcome all of you toUC Davis, and thank you for joining us incelebrating the grand opening of the Honda Smart Home USA. This new demonstration home is a wonderful new addition to our West Village. And it’s a significant achievement in our programto develop and introduce new technologies for sustainable living. We’re honored to have partnered with Honda on developing this prototype. Developing the Honda Smart Home, we’re very fortunateto have a great partner here at UC Davis.
Researchers from the California Lighting Technology Center and theWestern Cooling Efficiency Center made significant contributions to our home. They designed and then tested the effectivenessof the home’s geothermal heating and cooling system. In the construction process, UC Davis researchers evaluated anew spray-on ceiling that makes the home more energy efficient. And they developed advanced circadian rhythm lighting thatcan improve the quality of light for its occupants. I want to thank UC Davis and its centersfor their ongoing support and collaboration on this project. So, starting from five, please help us count downto the grand opening of the Honda Smart Home.>> Five, four, three, two, one..>> Welcome to the Honda Smart Home US. Thank you.