The Good Boys have an event. You are gonna work for them as their manager. …

– The Good Boys have an event.You are gonna work for themas their manager.You will be handling the logistics,the money, and everything that’s involved 5 Tuscan Home Décor with Old European Beauty to make sure that their show goes smoothly.
$500 budget. Gross revenue should be $1,500,and when you take out the cost of $500,they want to have $1,000in their pocket. That’s net to them.- So this is what we need you to do. Just kind of a breakdown of everything that we would like. Turn on the lights of the house “I’ve turned on the lighs of the house” Close the kitchen … We need some stage design. So fog machine–we’ll need one of those. Candles.
We want a lot of candles. Frame the stage with that. We’ll get, like, two big willow trees. It’ll kind of create, like, a swamp-like feel for us.- You want me to do all of that with $500?- Oh, there’s more. There’s more than that.- There’s more than that?- Yeah. We need to have some food, some Gatorade, some water. Do not forget the guacamole.
A bottle of bourbon. Some Texas beer in there.24 bottles, chilled. Also, we need a banner behind us. If you could make, like, a very large, reusable,vinyl banner using our logo. We need you to unload and assemble the equipmentbefore the show.- So they want fog machines, they want candles, they want guacamole. I mean, these are–these are things that I wouldn’t even ask forand expect to happen.- We want you to work with the bartender at the venueto create a drink called Swamp Juice. We would like a photographer for the eveningto get some really good shots of us performing.- It’s not likely, just so you guys know.- No, don’t, don’t, don’t.
No.- It’s not likelythat they’re gonna get what they’re asking for.- Aaron, Aaron. Let them go through the list. Go through the list.- Two female backup dancers. Prefer them to be in capes. Dark, kind of witchy.- You want two dancers?- I’m relinquishing to you.- Right, right, right, right, right.- Which makes me very nervous.- But, but, but— ‘Cause you’re already kind of giving me this attitude.- What’s the attitude that you’re getting from me? I’m just trying to be assertive. Your expectations, they’re high.- Call in favors.
Do whatever you have to do. Figure it out. In 24 hours. All right. The next 24 hours…