So your magic number was $13,035. That was the amount of money you had to make to cover yo…

So your magic number was $13,035. That was the amount of moneyyou had to make to cover your expenses,service your debt,and put money away for short-term and long-termand save your house. Repurpose Home Furniture with Krylon Chalky Finish .
Make-a-Thon . Michaels So, Deirdre, as CEO of the Haggerty corporation…- Yes. – Tell me how you did on the magic number.- We decreased our expenses by $2,309.- That’s big.- Yeah.- That’s huge.- That is huge turnaround. Credited to the hard work of Frank, Will make. See you at 3:00 p.m. Eastern on claman countdown. Neil: look forward … ’cause while I was working,he was on the phone with a lot of our bill collectors, working deals out and rearranging things.- By the way, have you noticed that the greatest leadersalways give credit to their employees,because that’s where it belongs.
Well done, excellent. Passed the test on that one.- It’s the truth, though.- Congratulations. You were in survival mode. You wanted to keep the house,and you knew that you had to increase revenue.- Well, the DJ business was about 33,000 a year,and we grew up to 65,000. But we need more income, so I needed a quick fix,and I was able to get $2,000a month from driving a cab.But it’s good, ’cause it starts at 6:00 in the morning. It’s over at 2:00 in the afternoon,and I get to work the DJ part at night,and also being part-time, I can change days and move my days around. So I got a great job that I can manipulateand have decent money coming in.- Exceptional, man. That’s got to feel good, man.
That’s a great temporary solutionuntil you’re able to generate a six-figure salaryfrom your DJ business. And so you’re able to increase your monthly net income.- We’ve reached over $11,000. To be precise, 11,750.- So you hit your magic number and saved your house in 90 days.- We kicked some ass.- That has to be the biggest turnaroundI’ve even seen for a couple. I mean, that’s a huge turnaround. Now, just to really emphasize how big that is,you guys went from $40,200to $141,000 a year.- That is amazingly awesome.- Before Victor came, we were depressed.You know, we didn’t know where to turn. We were looking for answers, and with the road map that Victor had laid out,we were able to help ourselves.– So bottom line, Frankie,proud of your parents, man?- Yes.- To me, they look happier, so.When I first met the Haggertys, they were all emotion, no logic–a recipe for a failed business.Now they got their act together. They’re out of the red and now in the black, but most important is that they’re not gonna lose the house,and at the end of the day,that’s what counts, keeping the family together.- Victor was the answer to our prayers.Run your family like a business really makes sense. It works. We surprised everybody, even ourselves. We surprised ourselves. I’m not giving up, not anymore.