So when you’re decorating the perfect cake there’s some simple tools that you’ll need to do the best job …

So when you’re decorating the perfect cake there’s some simple tools that you’ll needto do the best job possible. And we’re going to go over those today. It looks like thereSo when you're decorating the perfect cake there's some simple tools that you'll need to do the best job ... are a ton of tools here but depending on the cake your making, you may only need one ortwo. So, let’s go over the list.
To start with the basics I have here this called an offset spatula. It’s a nice small A lot of people think trusts are only for the super wealthy — not true. Trusts can benefit anyone who wa… one. Perfect for really tiny cakes, cupcakes. It’s just a great smoother of any type offrosting. Great tool to have. When you get into bigger cakes you have a large offset spatula.
Also good for hitting people. It’s a great tool to go around and smooth out your frosting. Really good to have. I like this one with the wooden handle. Easy to hold. Great to work with. For stirring frostings, for transferring frostings on to cakes a rubber spatula.
Can’t live withoutit. Great tool to have. I guarantee you’ll use it every day, 25 times a day, for a millionthings. Moving along, when you get a little more complicated, if you really want a beautiful smooth finish Alright, today we’re going to Plasti Dip the chrome wheels on my jeep. In this article I’ll show you … all over your layer cake a bench scraper is a really good way to go. This allows you towork your cake in a circle and you can just smooth out those edges and make really cleanlines. Even more complicated, not to scare you, when you get into fondant, rolling out fondant,you’ll need to sift with a little bit of powdered sugar or cornstarch on your table and thenyou’ll use a rolling pin to roll it out.
Nice and thin. About an eighth of an inch. I liketo use my french rolling pin. This is from my grandmother. You can use the kind withthe handles. It’s great too. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.
Last, but not least, a fondant smoother. Similar to the bench scraper. This will smooth outyour fondant the quickest and best way possible. If you try to use your hands a lot of timesyou’ll get fingerprints. It will kind of heat through the fondant a little bit. It willstart to get too warm. So this is a great tool.
Just dust it with a little bit of confectionerssugar so it won’t stick and just push it all over your cake and all the way around. Reallynice smooth surface. Last one. Piping bags. These are disposable piping bags. You can also buy the kind thatare not disposable. But I like these because I can make a mess and I can just get rid ofthem.
Ultimate laziness. Piping tips. There are a few different kinds. And what these do is they go right into thebottom of the bag. You snip off the top and you can pipe all sorts of different shapeswhether it’s stars, beading, lines, anything you need to do for a gorgeous cake every time. So those are some of the tools you’ll need when decorating the perfect cake.