So… what makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Waterproof? Well… I happen to have one laying around, …

So… what makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Waterproof? Well…
I happen to have one laying around,so lets take a look. Samsung says that the phone is iP 68 water resistant. Water resistant is different thanwater proof. Remember that if your phone does get water damaged by water… it is not coveredunder the normal warranty. And Samsung will not replace it. SMART MIRROR and VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.
Worlds best Smart Mirror So… how in the world would Samsung be able to tell if your phone has been wet in thefirst place?! Let me show you. Up here by the sim-card tray is a water damage indicator. This little sticker with red x’son it will stay white, until it comes in contact with moisture, sweat, steam, water… It willmake the indicator bleed out and turn a pinkish color. AND…
this can be seen from outsidethe phone if you take out the sim card tray and just look in. There is another water damage indicator on top of the loudspeaker. It is a smaller sticker,but if we ask if it bleeds… then yes… yes it does. 16 Totally Doable DIY Projects That All Solve More Than One Problem So… how does the Galaxy S7 keep water out of the device?
Well the glass panels on the front and the back do most of the work. The super sticky glue around the edges of the glass keep out the majority of the water. But there are plentyof other holes to analyze. So lets look at the charging port first. The charging port has its own little slot down in the bottom of the phone, and the screwskeep it pressed up tight against the frame. The port itself has a little rubber seal aroundthe edge to keep water out. BUT only if it is less than 1.5 meters of water (About 5feet.) Any more than that and the weight of the water, or ‘water pressure’ will be toogreat, and will force itself past the rubber seal and into the phone.
Apparently the GalaxyS7 will pop a warning and wont charge if it detects water in the charging port. It doesthis to protect the phone, similar to how a GFCI outlet works in your bathroom. Whichis a good thing. It will protect your device. Here you can see some of the super sticky residue from the tape around the backsideof the phone. This keeps liquid out as well. So how does the loud speaker stay waterproof?!
Air needs to reach the speaker in order forus to hear it… Samsung solves this issue by placing a small screen behind the holesfor the speaker. This screen allows sound to pass through, but keeps water out. Thewater would rather stick to itself through cohesion than be pushed through the speakerscreen… But just like with the charging port, if the water pressure it too great,it will be forced itself through the screen like grated cheese and damage your phone. The headphone jack also has a rubber seal around the opening, and is glued shut alongthe back. The little screw also holds it firmly in place against the frame of the phone tokeep water out.
The power button is another weak point in the frame where there is a possibility forwater to enter. But it looks like Samsung has put the same rubber seal around the insideof the button to keep the water out. Up here by the sim card tray, there is a little rubber ring around the tray itself that willseal it tight against the phone frame. Now… a few people have speculated that Samsung made the board water resistant. Which is apossibility… The technology exists and there are companies out there that have hydrophobic,electronic safe, sprays that will seal the boards.
BUT when a PCB is covered with thehydrophobic spray, any water droplets will bead up and roll right off in little ballswith zero adhesion. But as you can see from the motherboard here, the water droplet isvery much adhered to the board. Which proves that the board itself not coated is not waterresistant… just the phone body. So what does this mean for the consumer? I would use the Galaxy S7’s ‘water resistance’as a very useful protection, and safeguard against water… but I would not trust itwith a daily adventure in the shower.