So right now I’m switching out the controls right here. So I popped off the knobs; pretty straightforward…

So right now I’m switching out the controls right here.
So I popped off the knobs; pretty straightforward.So right now I’m switching out the controls right here. So I popped off the knobs; pretty straightforward... And I have my replacement one right here. This is just pulled it out of a used car so all those wires are just cut. So I’m just going to take out those little plugs. It’s like an Amazon Echo, but with wheels and a personality. A Bosch-owned startup called Mayfield Roboti… And then on the back of this I can just re-plug those wires into the back of the other one. To pull this off of the dashboard, just get some little screwdriver and just kind of wiggleit in there and just like twist it apart.
It’s only got these little plugs holding into the car. It looks like it’s got 3 on either side:one on the top, two on the sides. So once those are pulled out, the actual control thing itself has 4 bolts around it and eachof these are 7 millimeters so I’m going to take off this one, that one, and the matchingtwo bolts on the other side. Remember those funky furniture shapes from the 70’s? Well, check your local thrift stores for these gems … And then once that comes apart, pop this face plate off and then I’ll take it from there. So now I just popped the faceplate off of the old one. And I’m going to put the new faceplate on the old one just because my buttons are in better shape than the other buttons on this unit that I just got.
Anyway so once I pop that on, this part actually stayed in with the bezel around the outsideso this part doesn’t pop off which was surprising to me. Good thing I didn’t try too hard with it. And then are all those cables that have come disconnected. So it should be pretty straightforward from here. So this is the back of the control panel. To get these plugs off of it – cuz these wires were just cut right out of the othercar that it was in, so each of these plugs comes out in a different way. This top one needs to be pressed down on this black part right here and then this plug comesout.
This one right here fits down over these two holes. And this little rubber part over here just needs to be manhandled off of that littlearrow. And this one, pretty straightforward, just pinch down the bottom and it pulls right out. And then this one over here, the only part you need to take off is this blue part. So it’s got these two little hooks that are holding it on. And then this part just sits down over it like that. The flat part of the blue goes over the top left corner.
Here we go. Now I have air conditioning that changes. Before when we were trying to fix this thing, this would only go on the defrost and it wouldonly bring the air up from the top. Now it switches between all of them. So it was just a bad switch in this section. By replacing the whole thing – we fixed it.