So right here I have the brand new XBox One Controller. We’re going to be taking it apart today and seein…

So right here I have the brand new XBox One Controller. We’re going to be taking itapart today and seeing what’s inside. To start off there are these little ridges downSo right here I have the brand new XBox One Controller. We’re going to be taking it apart today and seein... along the bottom that you can pop off the plastic piece. It’s just a series of littlesnaps that connect the plastic piece to the actual controller itself. So you can see thereare two up at the top, three at the bottom and two on the other side. Same thing with The 29 Best Christmas Tree Ornaments and Decoration Ideas this one over here.
You have to be kind of aggressive with it, but they are pretty sturdy. Then to get the four screws out from the controller you have to have that special bit that hasa little hole in the center of it. Microsoft used these special security screws to keep this thing shut. And there’s one more screw hidden underneath this plastic label underneaththe battery cover. So I’m going to pop that out as well, and then that releases the frontplate of the XBox controller exposing the buttons and the vibrators beneath. I’m alsogoing to pop off the back plate where the batteries are held as you can see. And thenthis is the whole controller.
Nothing’s really replaceable on it which is kind ofdisappointing. You can see the vibrators right here, they are two different sizes. I guess bundys garage bundy here so i’m working on a honda j series v6 engine and i want to get th… that gives kind of two different feels depending on what happens in the game play. And thenyou can kind of see that even cleaning out the buttons would be pretty difficult at thispoint. There’s not a whole lot of room to go off of. And then so here are the vibrators that I mentioned before. There are also two little hidden vibrating motors hidden up inthe triggers which I thought was pretty interesting as you can see.
Right here you can see thatthe bigger vibrating motors can actually pop out but they’re not replaceable becausethey’re soldered into the motherboard. And now I’m just going to put on the back plasticagain, making sure to line up the screw holes. And the front plastic goes over the buttonsagain. Pressing that into place. And then before I screw down the back plastic I’mmaking sure that these big trigger buttons are put underneath so they can keep on moving. If you tighten it down while the triggers are on the outside then the triggers willbe stuck in the out position. Getting that screw tightened down into place.
And thengetting those four screws, making sure all the buttons still work. They’re not stuckat all. Getting those four screws put back into place and then the back plastics clickedin. You can hear how solid they are. The controller’s by no means fragile. You can get replacementcontrollers on Amazon. I’ll put a link in the description below.
Usually they’re prettycheap.